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Somany Ceramics launches Glosstra plus for your Living room, Bed room, Kitchen and Bathroom tiles

Somany Ceramics Limited an internationally acclaimed organization, specializing in ceramics and allied products segments is known to be a leader in design and innovation and the brand continues with its legacy with the launch of its new collection – Glosstra Plus range.

The brand has made a conscious effort while designing and conceptualizing the tiles that fits the requirements of Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room and Bedroom, making every nook and corner of the home appealing and aesthetically harmonious.

These tiles use special glossy ink rendering texture that gives expanse to the spaces while propagating opulence and luxury. High definition digital printing captures the intricate detailing on the tile surfaces thus, creating a virtually seamless canvas.

Whether you want to change the look of your old boring monochromatic wall or want to renovate interiors, Somany has brought beautiful solutions with exclusive Glosstra plus new range collection, best suited for Living room & Bed room.

It comes in highly compatible 300X600mm (Or 1Ft.X2Ft.) size which is popular in market for its adaptability and application.

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