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Sony BBC Earth names Uma Mani as Earth Champion for the month

 Sony BBC Earth, one of the most loved factual entertainment channels, proudly presents Mrs Uma Mani as the Earth Champion for the month. Known as the Coral Woman of India, an artist and PADI-certified scuba diver, Uma, exemplifies the fusion of passion and action towards the conservation of coral reefs.

Uma Mani’s journey to becoming the Coral Woman of India began on the vibrant streets of Dindugul, Tamil Nadu. Taking an unexpected turn at the age of 49, she decided to become a PADI-certified scuba diver. This transformative decision was not just about exploring the underwater world but a commitment to safeguarding the delicate ecosystems beneath the surface. Uma’s dual passion for painting and scuba diving converged into a symphony of art. The canvas became her medium, and the ocean, her muse. Each stroke captured the essence of an underwater world. Uma has been using her artistic expression as tool to spark meaningful conversations about the threats faced by coral reefs, including bleaching, pollution, and global warming.

Watch her Earth Champions video here.

Earth Champions is a monthly property of Sony BBC Earth that is committed to honouring real-life heroes making a substantial impact on our planet. The channel showcases the work done by the Earth Champions in a short-form content format with befitting music. The video is telecasted on the channel and promoted on network channels apart from the online medium.


Rohan Jain, Business Operations Head – Sony AATH and Head – Marketing & Insights, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India.

“Uma Mani’s commitment to coral reef conservation serves as a true inspiration for all of us. Uma’s journey mirrors her dedication driven by a deep-rooted passion for nurturing our planet. Sony BBC Earth takes immense pride in announcing her as our next Earth Champion. We hope that it encourages people to reflect upon their actions and move towards sustainable choices.”

Uma Mani, an artist, and PADI-certified scuba diver with coral reef conservator, recognized as “The Coral Woman of India,”

“I believe that art is a very powerful and an effective tool of communication. It has helped me in raising awareness towards the need for coral preservation. Earth Champions is a great initiative by Sony BBC Earth. I hope these stories inspire more and more people to take green steps towards the planet.”

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