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  • Sookshmas, realigning the student’s focus back to the studies by its Gamified Engine “Beyond Knowing”

    Published on July 18, 2019

    Sookshmas is a novel platform that merges the best aspects of social media with engaging gamification content to facilitate learning. Beyond Knowing is a game created by Sookshmas that eliminates the boredom which often arises when students study tedious subjects. With their biggest obstacle to learning eliminated students using the Beyond Knowing game learn more in a shorter period than they could otherwise. Learning in a fun environment allows students to retain more and gain a nuanced understanding of subjects which wouldn’t be possible without playing such games.

    Students using Beyond Knowing may play a quiz, post a self-made quiz, post questions, start discussions and post comments, reply to comments, or invite others to play a quiz. Having launched its Beyond Knowing game, Sookshmas expects nearly 30,000 students to benefit from it’s daily, weekly and monthly best performers reward system while preparing for exams. To maintain a spirit of healthy competition among users, Sookshmas offers scholarships of 25,000 INR to participants every 3 months. Just as in real life healthy competition brings out the best in students, so too will competition on Beyond Knowing bring out the best in all who play the game.

    An important reason for the success of Beyond Knowing is it is as addictive as traditional social media yet students using it become addicted to learning serious subjects. For students who wish to prepare for the civil services, banking, SSC, railway or competitive engineering exams like JEE-Mains, JEE Advance, CET or COMED-K, the Beyond Knowing game is ideal because playing it ensures students learn daily. The fear of books which is daunting to many students is eliminated by the Beyond Knowing game because it fuses educational content with games making learning effortless and fun. Younger students perusing engineering can also learn using the Beyond Knowing game to sharpen skills by everyday  to be a better a better engineer for tomorrow.

    Speaking about the Beyond Knowing game Kamlesh Jang Bahadur Singh, Managing Director of Sookshmas said “Today the educational infrastructure in India needs a dramatic transformation to do justice to the efforts of millions of diligent students. The Beyond Knowing game is a solid step in this direction. Every Indian student spends at least a few hours every day on social media, imagine the vistas of learning that open thanks to a game that is just as engaging as social media but which facilitates learning. That’s what Beyond Knowing is and why it will revolutionise how students learn and prepare for exams”.


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