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  • Sounds Fine Introduces The Craft – Bluetooth Speakers with Digital Room Correction

    Published on May 2, 2015

    Providence, RI : Sounds Fine Audio Research Inc. announces an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to introduce its first consumer sounds fineproduct, The Craft, a tabletop Bluetooth® speaker system featuring Digital Room Correction that compensates for problematic acoustics in any listening space. Crowdfunding backers are offered a numbered limited edition model of The Craft as a perk for their support. The campaign runs from Monday, 05/04/2015 through Sunday, 06/07/2015.

    “Your lovely loft is a hot mess, acoustically speaking,” says Marcel Paüer, CEO and Acoustic Scientist. “By the time your music fights past your drapes and sofa, ricochets off the walls and ceiling, and rattles your objets d’art, it’s a twisted shadow of its former self. We make it flawless again.”

    During set-up a calibration signal reveals the sonic corruption at each listening space. Vector processing, run at high speed on the GPU of an embedded computer, performs Fourier analysis of your music as it streams then rebuilds it in real time to reach your ears with restored pitch, clarity, EQ, and balance. Predictive filters even fill in tonal details expunged by lossy Bluetooth® A2DP.

    The Craft features paired 3 inch full range speakers, 5-1/2 inch woofer, 100 watt amplifier, filtered power, Bluetooth®, wifi, A2DP and aptX streaming, and a control app for iOS and Android.