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    SpeakIn evolves into India’s first hybrid e-learning platform

    Published on January 30, 2021

    Asia’s largest business learning and expert network platform, SpeakIn, revamped itself in a hybrid learning platform which serves exclusive as well as expert-curated content in multiple languages. The post-covid world will see companies move away from exclusively online learning. Instead, the new direction in business learning will see a combination of self-paced, virtual and in-person learning as the world comes out of the covid era. With SpeakIn, consumers will be able to attend live training sessions and one-to-one classes besides having the freedom of accessing a huge library of aggregated content by over 17,000 top brass mentors across the sectors in over 500 genres. SpeakIn is making all this available over multiple forums including virtual, as well as, on-the-ground learning. To maximise its reach in the country, SpeakIn is also offering content in English and five regional languages. With the adoption of a hybrid model, SpeakIn has become a unique aggregated content platform not only in India but also in Asia.

    Businesses and individual learners can up-skill and re-skill themselves through exciting discussions and interviews featuring global leaders in SpeakIn’s Live Sessions. Additionally, to cater to the specific needs of an individual learner, there are also one-on-one sessions which are highly interactive and customised, and are designed specifically with the focus on individual guidance and personal development. Another signature learning product of SpeakIn is the ‘Masterclass’, that features the most informative videos on popular topics such as leadership, business, entrepreneurship, team management, sales, marketing, etc. These Masterclass sessions are full length courses spread over various modules that learners can target to finish at their own pace. The Masterclass modules are available on SpeakIn on a subscription basis.SpeakIn is also organizing webinars on contemporary business and social environments, where it invites thought leaders and influencers from their respective fields to discuss and address the most pressing issues that organizations and individuals face. Various eminent personalities like Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Mr. Mohandas Pai, Mr. Manoj Kohli, Ms. Radhikha Gupta and many others have already chosen this platform to communicate with learners.On evolution of the SpeakIn platform into a hybrid content model, Deepshikha Kumar, Founder of SpeakIn, comments, “AI-embedded technologies are remarkably contributing to making learning efficient and effective. However, the conventional aggregated models are not sufficient enough to suffice the specific needs of an individual learner. Hybrid learning, a blend of traditional classroom learning, aggregated content, and experiential learning under the supervision of an expert, scores higher than traditional approaches of learning. Just like the world is moving to a hybrid working model, we’re ensuring that hybrid learning provides similar flexibility to the individuals and organizations to learn at their comfort and at their own pace.”


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