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  • Special two Brews, Dabble Dubble, and the Ludwing’s Party Festbier launches – by Igloo Craft Beers

    Published on September 19, 2022

    ~ Crisp. Refreshing. Thirst-quenching ~

    IglooCraft Beers launched in 2019, for the love and appreciation of beers with the world, the team at Igloo Craft beers was formed using high-quality fresh ingredients to brew a well-curated range of beers. Igloo with offering widely available brews within diverse styles that suits all tastes, launched the two special craft beer brews.

    The folks at Igloo Craft Beers are brewing some special craft beers that you surely need to try keeping in mind the flavors and ingredients of the season. The first one to be Dabble Dubble which comes in from the land of devout monks, a complex Belgian style with deep aromas of spices and dark fruits like plum and raisins, and the second special craft brew from Igloo to be Ludwing’s Party Fesbier – One of the 2 styles served at Oktoberfest that started as a wedding party crown, Price Ludwing. Light malty toffee is characterized to keep you drinking by the liter.

    Both the Beer from the  Igloo Craft Beers are available in 1Litr bottles at their  Growler Station in Chembur, Mumbai, in different combos and offers as well. Be it a house party or an office celebration, one can surely enjoy their range of delectable beers by ordering from their website.


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