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  • Spectra deploys a future-ready network based on the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) Open Optical and Packet Transport (OOPT) solutions

    Published on October 19, 2022

    • TIP’s OOPT  Cassini and Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways (DCSG) solutions use open, standards-based, and disaggregated network components, bringing better flexibility and scalability while accelerating the pace of innovation.

    Delhi : Spectra, a leading Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Provider in India announced today that it is deploying a revolutionary end-to-end solution that will deliver 10x the current network capacity with the option to scale up to 100x in the future. The solution, based on TIP’s OOPT DCSG and Cassini platforms, will be deployed in Spectra’s core network in Delhi NCR as part of its latest nationwide IP network upgrade. Running on Edgecore whiteboxes designed to be DCSG and Cassini specification compliant, the solution provides feature-rich disaggregated functionalities implemented by IP INFUSiON’s OcNOS network operating system (NOS).

    The deployment of this solution, which has been selected in competition alongside other established solutions from the existing ecosystem, reinforces Spectra’s strategy to deploy open and disaggregated networks and represents a clear indicator of the technical maturity and economic feasibility of Open Optical and IP solutions.

    DCSG and Cassini will enable Spectra to cost-effectively roll out region-wide high-speed network services at scale while giving Spectra complete freedom to build vendor-neutral disaggregated connectivity networks using best-in-class components.

    Designed within TIP’s Open Optical & Packet Transport project group, DCSG & Cassini use open, standards-based, disaggregated network components. It is possible to mix and match in different combinations that permit overall deployment and operational efficiencies as per Spectra’s requirement from region to region and enables a stronger and more diverse supply chain. In addition to being open and standards-based, the solution has inbuilt Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies for network management automation, to enable smooth integration with BSS/OSS stacks, and increase network automation.

    Udit Mehrotra, CEO and Managing Director at Spectra said: “To address the unique challenges of an emerging economy such as India, the adoption of open and disaggregated network solutions are key to meeting demand and driving down cost in a highly competitive market. TIP OOPT achieves this by providing alternative IP and Optical network solutions to traditional incumbent supplier offerings which have been proven in numerous commercial deployments globally. We are actively pushing openness in our networks to achieve flexibility and efficiency, and promote a stronger ecosystem with higher supply chain diversity. With our collaboration with TIP and its ecosystem partners, we believe that we will undertake many important projects together.”

    Diego Marí Moretón, Manager Connectivity Technologies & Ecosystems at Meta and lead of the Open Optical & Packet Transport project group, said: “IP and Optical technologies are fundamental for building networks that enable new immersive experiences. High capacity and programmable networks based on disaggregated solutions will enable service providers like Spectra to deliver the services their customers need, cost-effectively. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Spectra.”

    The deployment is focused on bringing about more flexibility and scalability while also accelerating the pace of innovation. The cost-effective solution is ideal for the ever-evolving and dynamic Indian market


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