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  • Spellbind your wedding guests with mystical sounds of Handpan with Mihir Chandan

    Published on July 1, 2022

    Contemporary weddings are an extravaganza to ink an imperishable memory for the pair tying the knot, the family, and the guests witnessing the ceremonies.   

    As much fun as some find it to let loose and boogie down at weddings, others aren’t quite as hyped to spend the whole night on the dance floor. Even if your guest list is full of club regulars and you’ve packed your DJ’s setlist with the best songs, its a great idea to explore unique acts that are visually immersive and keep the attendees glued.

    One such act is India’s one and only Handpan Electronic Act by Mihir Chandan, who has captivated a rather larger following. The live performance entails 6 otherworldly instruments from the UK, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, and India. Each musical instrument offers a unique texture and acoustics to uplift any event. 

    Music is the best kind of therapy. Whenever we are sad, upset, or just feeling low, we listen to some of our favourite songs that lift our spirits. Similarly, music can even influence an entire crowd. If you enter a party where the music isn’t good, you’re gonna leave, aren’t you? So, when a couple plans to tie the knot, one extremely crucial thing is the ambiance the music creates at their wedding ceremony. And the beats that your Entertainment Act will decide the vibe of the reception/cocktail/sangeet or welcome party. Trust us, you don’t want to risk this part. We highly recommend checking Mihir Chandan and India’s one and only Handpan Electronic Act out with multiple unique instruments.

    Mihir Chandan is also an adept multi-instrumentalist. The various instruments that he is proficient at are Handpan, Rav, Guda, Drums, Djembe, Tabla, Goblet, Cajon, Live Looping, Synth Keyboards and Percussions. Mihir Chandan has got his charms spread everywhere.

    Besides playing all these musical instruments, Mihir is also a music producer. Also, he was recently featured on Spotify “Mint India” and “Fresh Finds” as one of the top 50 artists to watch out for. His breath-taking acts range from electronic live sets, weddings, corporate shows, and sundowners to sound healing and meditation.

    Mihir Chandan is the man who is defining the Handpan in a very unprecedented way, especially in the context of Indian music. His proficiency was also noticed on world-famous singer and songwriter Monolink’s recent India tour. Mihir Chandan performed the opening act for this international artist and drove almost 3000 to 4000 people nuts.


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