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  • Spicing It Up: Here is How Millennial Indians Are Exploring Intimacy – Reveals new Pleasure Survey by Domina by Pee Safe

    Published on November 30, 2021

    • The pan-India survey on sex and pleasure that has been released ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, 2021 reveals some unexpected and eye-opening findings
    • The survey revealed that about 57% of Indians don’t use any form of contraception such as condoms

    New Delhi : Pee Safe, India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, recently carried out a pleasure survey among Indian audiences under its female sexual pleasure and wellness brand Domina. The survey conducted across age groups and in over 25,000 respondents from more than 200 cities identified the changes in sexual habits, opinions and preferences during the pandemic. It also aimed to assess the sexual awareness and hygiene levels among audiences, and has unraveled some surprising stats.

    The survey revealed that about 57% of Indians don’t use any form of contraception such as condoms. While having sex with their partner, 33% of the people in the sample size fantasized about someone else. The focus here is on raising awareness around the contraception options available even for women such as female condoms. They ensure safety and pleasure for women and there is an increasing acceptance of such products as well.

    A major indicator of the mindset change towards sexual pleasure is the fact that nearly 48% of the respondents either used sex toys or expressed interest in using them. The survey also found that 82% of the respondents masturbate more than once a month. People are not shying away from foreplay, mutual masturbation or even watching porn with their partners. About 38% experienced heightened sexual activity in the pandemic period. These and other findings indicate that there is a greater emphasis on sexual pleasure and experimentation among Indians. Those without partners are exploring channels such as dating apps (nearly 36% of the respondents claimed that they’ve used dating apps).

    Speaking about this, Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe, said, “The pandemic has been an eye opener when it comes to people’s sexual preferences and usage of related products. There is experimentation, a greater acceptance of sexual needs, and need for pleasure in intimate relationships. This is gratifying for both men as well as women. However, there should be awareness as well, which was also my primary reason for starting Pee Safe. I was a man in a sea of women-dominated categories and started out to change the narrative, break myths and speak out about taboos.”

    Adding further, Divya Sethi, Sexual Wellness Expert at Domina by Pee Safe, said, “There are multiple ways to enhance sexual pleasure including experimenting, foreplay and so on. Still, the O word continues to evade women often. However, with female condoms available now, why should boys have all the fun! It is time for both men and women to discover the full joys of intimacy by using various products. With Domina, we want to start a dialogue around what physical intimacy means for women and give the power in their hands.”

    Pee Safe constantly endeavors to enhance public health through bold, topical and pan-India digital initiatives on menstrual hygiene methods and need as well as the role of intimate and personal hygiene. The brand recently launched an online platform named The Pleasure Playbook by Domina. The idea is to build a safe and exclusive community for women to hold conversations on personal topics such as sex, health and wellness.

    Pee Safe’s online business has seen a 40% jump in the current quarter and the brand has achieved over 75% growth annually (FY20-21). Apart from raising $10 million in series B funding, Pee Safe is looking at expanding its retail presence from the current 15,000 stores to having a few franchise-owned brand exclusive stores (FOFO) to enhance customer experience across India. They have already expanded overseas and are building local production of toilet seat sanitizers in Europe.


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