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  • Spike Aims to Change the Way You Increase Your Sales

    Published on May 7, 2015

    Durango, CO :  Today, Spike Sales Conversion Systems , launched a new service that will change the way businesses do conversion rate optimization. spikeAccording to them, the company is focused on reformatting the way you do conversion optimization on your sales funnel. The traditional methods of hiring consultants or firms to handle CRO can lead to bigger losses do to test failures, risks from poor decisions due to inaccurate testing data and worst of all, masses amount of money spent on implementing the wrong systems. Spike offers a stand alone testing system, custom built for your company, that allows you to do all of your sales testing in a safe environment without impacting your main sales processes until you know exactly what works.

    Spike SCS’s founder Aaron Patterson said “I have worked with hundreds of companies where we have to come in and fix a lot of damage. Business owners or executives want to see change so they hire firms or consultants to apply changes without barriers of protecting themselves. Firms and consultants aren’t the enemy, I’m a consultant, the enemy is poor implementation and planning. We are seeing that Spike systems removes the bad decisions or failed tests from your main sales funnel and makes sure that only good decisions are put into your main sales system.”

    The benefits of having a Sales Conversion System is:

    Removing the risks that come with failed conversion testing.

    Testing new methods and markets without risking your main business.

    Getting better data and feedback on what decisions to make.

    Filling in gaps in your current sales system.


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