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  • Sponsor Golf Tournament Signs that are Effective to Enhance the Sponsor Experience

    Published on November 29, 2021

    The Golf Tournament season is all here to welcome you! Even though the game is the ultimate aim of the tournament, the details bring it all together. Don’t miss the golf tournament hole sponsor signs as you can think through the budgeted items, advertorial ideas and several of your clubhouse promotional techniques. 

    The hole sponsor signs are indeed an effective marketing tool that is highly decorative and amplifies the course image.

    Granite, wood to etched metals, there are so many customary signs to encourage the guests and new customers for frequent visitations.

    What are the right measurements of golf hole sponsor signs?

    The giant golf tournament sponsor signs from 2ft X 3ft to 5ft X1 2ft are a great way to attract the players and the sponsors equally. Water can fade away the material, therefore choose the intent of your signage if you plan on reusing them for the future.

    “The hole is sponsored by”, are signs created from coroplast that feature the sponsor’s logo, name, logo, or enterprise information depending upon their level of sponsorship.

    Since most holes in the field are sponsored by different businesses and organizations.

    The signs that look like a golf ball are widely popular while the rectangle signs are approximately 18” x 24” as a rectangle. While the standard diameter of circular hole sponsor signs can vary from 17-18 inches.

    How to choose a hole sponsor sign for your facility?

    Golf is pacing up today and you need to begin with identifiable tee markers that can roll out underway. Also, choose the colors that contrast and compliment each other in all ways.

    If you want to promote Golf, the hole sponsor signs should highlight your property logo and significant signages. They should be accurate and easily located to catch the visitor’s and golfers attention. The ground yardage markers are a key to an immaculate course with the pace of play for more possible rounds.

    We also suggest you try hanging around the posts or even attach the elements to the course, if you think the mounting styles and options are difficult.

    In Conclusion

    As golfers move back to playing innumerable rounds of golf, we suggest you put

    advertorial signages in a high-traffic area. Be sure to put information and instructions for people to identify you.

    As the resident instructors  are generally administering the signage to ensure your hole sponsor signs consist of striking patterns for the facility, promoting sponsors, and more. 


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