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    Sports Innovation Lab and Sceenic publish major report on co-watching; analyses the growing trend of pandemic co-watching behaviour.

    Published on March 29, 2021

    Sceenic, a leading software solutions provider for real-time experiences, was recently named as the Top Industry Performer, and the Game Changer in the Sports Innovation Lab (SIL) Power Play Index for Co-Watching. SIL is a leader in providing market intelligence and fan insights for the sports industry. With the vision of educating clients on the technological possibilities for their brands and how to ultimately drive value to the end consumer, SIL created the Fluid Fan™ and the Power Play Index data-driven industry-leading framework that ranks the top providers for driving the fan behaviours that matter most to the market.

    A new study produced by SIL in collaboration with Sceenic: The Power of Togetherness,’ analyses the growing trend of co-watching during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and dives into fan behaviour shifts as well as leading edge technology integrations. SIL identified engaging fans as they watch sports as one of the biggest challenges across the sport and entertainment industry, with BT Sport and Sceenic’s work on deploying the BT Sport Watch Together feature on the BT Sport app a major milestone in the co-watching space.

    The SIL report, in collaboration with Sceenic, shows how co-watching is shaping a new way to consume sports and the technology’s potential for fan engagement, opening new opportunities for content owners, and translating the live experience for consumers on OTT, IPTV, or STB video platforms. Co-watching has emerged as a solution for enabling fans to watch together remotely, increasing the enjoyment of live sports and video content for fans. According to Nielsen, more than 50% of television-related tweets are about sports and more than 80% of fans used social media while watching a live game. Deloitte’s ‘The Future of Sports Broadcasting’ report states that fan satisfaction for streaming was just 39%, which is 15% lower than the satisfaction rating for the in-stadium experience.

    “When we publish a Power Play Index, we let the data do the talking. Our methodology identifies companies with both the market validation and technology depth that allows them to enable the Fluid Fan,” said Josh Walker, co-founder and president of Sports Innovation Lab. “Sceenic is our Co-Watching Game Changer for 2020, proving that powerful co-watching technology isn’t the future, but the present.”  

    Sceenic, eight years ago, foresaw the co-watching trend currently reaching prime-time in the market. For Sceenic, the future of OTT and video platforms needed to enable people to be closer together in a synched experience, regardless of distance, and enjoy televised or on-demand experiences with friends and family. Sceenic’s video-calling technology – Watch Together SDKs and APIs – helps clients that produce or own content to enable their fans to be closer together, what the company calls: “Be In The Moment.”  

    “Seven years in development and refinement, our Watch Together technology stack is proving its worth in large scale deployments with BT Sport, T-Mobile Germany, NPO – Tour de France and others,” said Paul Bojarski, CEO, Sceenic. “What is now exciting is seeing how Watch Together actively supports our customers’ business objectives: the organic multiplier effect it brings to subscriber acquisition and retention, the powerful compliment of C2C word of mouth recommendations to machine learning, and the emergence of wholly original in-room interactive marketing/advertising opportunities.”