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  • SpyToolsIndia.com Now Offer the Security Advantage for Various Network Environments

    Published on October 21, 2010

    New Delhi : SpytoolsIndia.com! It is an aggressive and innovative website that has carved a niche for itself in the field of providing Artificial Intelligence based IT Security. If you want to have some additional security for your homes or offices, spy cameras are the best solution. The spy cameras provided by SpytoolsIndia.com help in detecting the unauthorized people trying to access your personal and secure data, or trying to break through your office.

    “SpytoolsIndia.com excels in providing mobile security software too that prevents phone tapping & blocks cell phone spy software, thus making your mobile phones more secure. It features exceptional security software like Gold Lock GSM supports call & SMS encryption, and has 3G compatibility” says CEO spytoolsIndia.com. Other mobile security softwares include BB monitor – for blackberry, and K SMS – Mobile Security Software (for sending encrypted SMS).

    If someone wants to monitor the surroundings or office people, advanced spy products come to your rescue. SpytoolsIndia.com has listed several amazing spy products that will astonish and amaze you, and you can put them to multiple use. The Reappearing ink pen makes the writing appear and disappear at the will of the person. The magic pen allows you to pen down your secrets, as the ink disappears within minutes, hours, or days. CEO SpytoolsIndia.com quotes “The most wonderful and highest selling product at SpytoolIndia.com is child locator that helps to keep a child safe. It will raise an alarm if the child wanders away from the parents”.

    If your offices have confidential data that needs to be protected, you must go for Laptop/PC monitoring products. The Encryption Security Software (K LOCK) has anti-raid features and offers several advantages such as offering a Single click encryption & decryption, along with helping in preventing hacker theft, LAN theft, espionage, computer theft. If someone wants to hide any file in photograph, audio file or text file, they must opt for Encode (Magic Software) Steganography tool.

    ICU is a computer monitoring software that enables a complete monitoring and recording all passwords and e-mails, all instant messenger chats, social networking activity, user activities on any file, and also keeps a track of any modifications done.

    These products are available with SpytoolsIndia.com and form one of the highest selling products in the industry today, owing to a plethora of benefits offered by them.

    SpytoolsIndia.com is a subsidiary of Kiran Singh Group Of Companies that has Software Development Centres spread across the Globe. It primarily focuses on providing realistic and intelligent security solutions that self-evolve under different real-time circumstances in various network environments. SpytoolsIndia.com has come up with a wide range of spy products that enable you to keep a track on your professional as well as your personal life, while playing safe.

    If you too want to check a whole range of Spy cameras, Mobile security software, Advanced Spy Products, and PC/Laptop Monitoring Products, visit http://www.spytoolsindia.com to get more details.