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    Square Root Company launches wide range of Honey for Winter

    Published on December 15, 2021

    Gurugram : Recognizing the Indian Market and its sweet obsession with Desinushkhas straight out of the kitchen, Square Root Company launches its very own concoction of health and taste. Square Root Company decided to exercise this very facet with Honey. It is here to break the monotony and to put a special focus on finding an Organic & Natural way to enjoy beauty, good health, and a step towards wellness. With its idea of Honey, the brand is redefining flavours that benefit your health simultaneously as your taste buds. Ginger Soaked in Honey, Almond Soaked in Honey, Eucalyptus Honey are just some names amongst the wide range it provides.

    Adorning various qualities as helping in weight loss and boosting immunity honey serves as the best saviour. Taking one of the heavenly concoctions of The Square Root honey- the Ginger Soaked in Honey wonderfully captures and preserves the healing qualities and nutritional benefits that our mothers struggle to feed us. This acts as the natural remedy for cough and cold, a natural expectorant and is extremely effective for Respiratory illnesses. The Acacia honey on the other hand is 100% pure and raw honey, which provides you relief with nasal congestion, cures insomnia and provides therapeutic and Anti-Inflammatory benefits. This particular batch is as unique as it might sound as exceptional in its fusion- The Jamun Honey. This benefits people with high blood pressure and fulfils your daily health needs. It is as good for those skin fanatics and the ones with periodontal infections.

    As stated by the National Honey-board, honey is fat-free, cholesterol-free, sodium free and rightly called nature’s sweet nectar. As Mr. Avishek Dutta, CEO, Square Root Company explains his nudge for bringing out this peculiar fusion of honey-s, he says, “Since winters are approaching, it’s time we start taking precautions for our health. Given the present times, with the Covid-19 pandemic still lingering and the Omicron Virus hovering over our heads, it’s important that we start strengthening our immune system. Honey helps will be beneficial for this very motive. There are studies that confirm that eating honey on an empty stomach helps prevent the body from external threats that come in the form of diseases, we wanted to make this healthy habit into an exciting one.”

    There are many more options to explore, each with their own momentous facet. Have a spoonful of the Square Root Company honey as a part of your daily healthy routine, pick whichever you want, explore all you can… it fits all spheres!