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  • S+S Magbox MXP Inline Magnet also available in high-temperature Version

    Published on December 2, 2010

    Germany : At the K-2010 trade fair in Düsseldorf S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH presented the Magbox MXP inline magnet in a completely re-engineered version.

    Magbox MXP inline magnets primarily are used in (already existing) pipelines where they thor-oughly separate fine and very fine ferrous metal contaminations from powdery and grainy bulk materials. They are integrated in the pipelines by way of flat flanges, Jacob connections, or cus-tomer-specific connections. The sturdy stainless steel construction (1.4301) provides highest corrosion and wear resistance. The MAGBOX MXP inline magnet as a standard is equipped with two neodymium magnet grids that are positioned in staggered arrangement one above the other to achieve a maximum level of separation. Stephan Treml, Product Management S+S Magnet Systems, about this inline magnet: “In the re-engineering of the Magbox inline magnet we attached greatest importance to quality. The modern, functional design and manufacture are 100 percent S+S made in Germany. The design with lateral guide frames inclusive of ergonomic handles allows easy, well-balanced and safe handling. Like a protective cage this frame fur-thermore protects the magnet rods against impacts.” All the Magbox system versions are pro-vided with magnet grids featuring pull-out magnet cores (EASY CLEAN), which considerably fa-cilitates and speeds up system cleaning.

    As an option the Magbox MXP inline magnet also is available with high-temperature magnets. The high-temperature (HT) version of the magnet system reliably removes metal particles from very hot plastic granulate and thus protects processing machines against damage. As magnet material the Magbox HT high-temperature version uses a rare-earth compound with a magnet power of more than 10,000 Gauss. The maximum service temperature, which is the highest temperature that a magnet may be exposed to without an irreversible loss of power, is 350 °C. In simple applications ferrite magnets with a magnetic power of only 2,000 Gauss are often used. Compared to ferrites, rare-earth magnets are considerably more temperature-stable and more powerful.