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  • Statement on the Azure Power and Attributed to Azure Power Spokesperson:

    Published on January 30, 2021

    “Our first Solar Power project in the State will help drive investment in Assam and support the increasing power needs, leading to an environmentally – public friendly solution, of providing clean energy at an economical cost, as well as local employment opportunities during and post construction of the plant. The process of scouting for the land and the subsequent purchase of land by Azure Power, was a transaction between private land owners and the company. This is not government-owned land acquisition initiative but a private land purchase from original title owners of the land on a willing seller – willing buyer basis.

    We are fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the state and the land purchase has been done in a lawful and fair manner, with due consultations with all stakeholders. We have obtained clearances from Local and District Administrations along with NOC, No Litigation certificate and Gram Panchayat NOC before the sale deed was executed. Procurement of land by Azure was in accordance with law and no law was violated in this regard. All stakeholders were taken into confidence before land was purchased. The Office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Nagaon Division has also certified that the land does not fall under any Notified Elephant Corridor. The local authorities and the courts have also upheld the proposed land acquisition

    As part of the local community engagement, we have also been actively involved in promotion of livelihood enhancements in the village through skill development training centres, distribution of sewing machines and piggery. We continue to work on other upliftment initiatives like safe drinking water through RO installation, smart class in the school, maintaining street light for the local community in the vicinity. We also have two skill development centres in Karbigaon and Murgiladai with an aim at advancing their skills with suitable training for local employability.

    Azure Power’s journey spanning over a decade, is the first private utility solar power company in India, to develop a solar plant in 2009. As a dedicated solar power company, we provide affordable solar power in an efficient, sustainable and socially responsible manner across key states today”.


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