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  • Stella Maris College (Autonomous) presents the SAPPHIRUS COGNITIO TALKS SERIES

    Published on April 2, 2022

    75 Glorious Years

    To commemorate the 75th jubilee celebrations, the College inaugurated the Sapphirus Cognitio Talks Series in which distinguished personalities from academia, civil services, industry professionals and experts address students and faculty on subjects pertaining to their area of expertise. The frames of their perspectives encompass future trends and directions in their respective fields, giving students an opportunity to rethink and envision new careers, work, higher studies, research or entrepreneurship options based on the experiences shared by experienced leaders from different professions.

    Speaking on the occasion of the inaugural talk on “Technology in Higher Education: The Way Forward” by Professor S. Gowri, Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras, Dr. Sr. Rosy Joseph fmm, Principal Stella Maris College stated, “We need to rethink the concept of college and university as the only higher educational spaces, and consider cross-cultural, international education as pathways to knowledge and learning.”

    Ms. Aliya Fathima Sheriff, Students’ Union 21-22 President, remarked, “The Sapphirus Cognitio Talks Series gives us a window into the world of corporate leaders and academics of high calibre.  It is an inspirational and motivational experience, making us aware of the many possibilities and opportunities for us to excel and dedicate our lives in the service of our communities and country  

    Standard operating procedures are adhered at all times and at all events conducted on campus.


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