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  • STEMpedia Co-founder Abhishek Sharma Joins BrightCHAMPS to Lead its Robotics Vertical

    Published on March 30, 2022

    Goa-based BrightCHAMPS, a global live-learning edtech platform that provides next-gen life skills to kids has appointed Abhishek Sharma to lead its RoboCHAMPS vertical, which includes programs in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and other emerging technologies for kids. As Head of RoboCHAMPS, Sharma will play an important role in the company’s expansion plans, by developing a state-of-the-art curriculum, as well as establishing and scaling the vertical in the 30+countries that BrightCHAMPS currently services.

    According to the company, the soon-to-be-launched RoboCHAMPS has been designed to be a one-on-one, experiential learning program to help kids understand and gain expertise in real-world, industry-standard technologies using concepts of computing, electronics, assisted and autonomous robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, human-machine-interaction, Internet of Things, bio-mimicking robots and more. It has been designed to be hands-on and learning-outcome focussed, with each student receiving their own kit, which will include reprogrammable robots, sensors, actuators, mechanical components, and everything that a child needs to get their hands dirty with emerging technologies.

    Given the ambitious mandate, Sharma, a veteran at developing technologies that simplify learning for kids, is an apt choice. Prior to joining BrightCHAMPS, he spent five years as the co-founder of STEMpedia, growing the company 25x by leading business strategy, sales, marketing, strategic relationships, and corporate affairs, among other day-to-day functions. During this time, his work gained global popularity by impacting half a million students across 4 dozen countries and 500 schools.

    Speaking of the appointment, BrightCHAMPS Founder and CEO, Ravi Bhushan, said, “We’re excited to welcome Abhishek into the senior leadership team at BrightCHAMPS. Learning outcomes are at the heart of every decision we make, and I’m confident that Abhishek shares our vision of creating state-of-the-art experiences that leverage a child’s innate curiosity, while giving them the skills they need to answer all the exciting tech questions they will encounter on their path to leadership. Given Abhishek’s hands-on experience and expertise at translating vision into action, proven success record, I’m confident he will take RoboCHAMPS to new heights in all our markets.”

    Elaborating on the company’s vision and his own place in it, Sharma said, “I live for delivering exceptional learning experiences to kids. Experiences that keep them interested, gratified and motivated at all times. I believe the only way to achieve spectacular learning outcomes is by first focussing on building an unparalleled experience. Unfortunately, most learning today is not as riveting as it has the potential to be, which affects all three – skill, confidence, and contentment – for the learner. My goal is to break this chain by experimenting with more innovative and effective ways of delivering these skills from an early age, so they stay with the kids for life and help them solve real-world problems. Given BrightCHAMPS’ unprecedented growth in the live-learning segment, it is the best place for me to be able to deliver impact directly to kids.”


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