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  • “Stepping inside the train reminded me of the journeys I took to my Nani’s house with my family,” reveals Ritivik Sahore from Amazon miniTV’s series Ishq Express

    Published on July 1, 2022

    Exchanging seats, meeting new people, getting down on the station to explore nitty-gritties, hours spent playing games with family and friends, the experience of travelling by train is filled with countless good memories. Amazon miniTV takes viewers on one such journey in their romantic series Ishq Express. The narrative revolves around a beautiful ride involving two individuals Aarav (Ritvik Sahore) and Tanya (Gayatrii Bhhardwaj), who eventually become friends and fall in love with each other after they share a train journey travelling to their respective hometowns.

    Evoking a magical feeling of love and nostalgia, the mini series has gone on to garner rave reviews and heaps of praise from the viewers across the nation. Post the success of his series, lead actor Ritvik Sahore shares how he felt nostalgic and remembered his old days of travelling by a train.

    “Due to lockdown, we didn’t really get to travel much. So, the moment I entered in the train setup for shooting, it felt so nostalgic. It reminded me of my train journeys when I used to travel to my Nani’s house with my family. I really enjoyed those old days as I used to jump from one berth to another, eating home-cooked food with everyone and playing games. I would also keep getting down on different stations and eating different types of food so all these things were something which I would like to recollect every time I sit on a train seat. The entire team of Ishq Express was so good and we had a blast shooting for the series and it felt like as if I was travelling in the train only.” said, Ritvik Sahore.

    Directed by Tanmai Rastogi and Saurabh George Swamy, Ishq Express is streaming now for FREE on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon shopping app.


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