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  • Still Not Convinced You Need A Home Insurance Policy? Here Are A Few More Reasons To Consider

    Published on December 21, 2020

    It is rightly said, there is no place like home where you get to wind down and relax and have some of the best memories of your life. There is a sense of belonging where you find solace and security when it comes to your home. That being said, most people focus on customising their homes as soon as they buy one. Whereas customising it to taste and preferences is what makes it unique, they tend to ignore the safety for their homes. 

    So why not buy a home insurance cover?

    Investing in a home is the single largest investment for most individuals. Hours of house hunting, saving, research and managing your finances finally get your dream home. While purchasing a house without investing in home insurance cover makes most of us ignore the necessity of one. The adage, a stitch in time saves nine, rightly justifies buying a home insurance cover to protect it from natural as well as man-made perils. 

    Let us look at some reasons why you should consider getting one – 

    #1 Home insurance isn’t limited to your home

    A comprehensive general insurance for your home not only protects the structure of your house, but also extends its coverage to include the components like the garage, shed, deck and even the fence. Further, an add-on can also be purchased to include your appliances, furniture and other electronics. 

    #2 Replacement for the losses

    Availing home insurance plan provides financial security with the advantage of getting your damaged components replaced. For example, a policy that includes coverage for appliances and an earthquake causes many electronics to get damaged, the insurance policy can now provide replacement instead of mere replacement for your products. 

    #3 Protection from perils of nature

    Natural disasters are unexpected and come unannounced leaving little to no chance to save your life. In between all this, it becomes difficult to safeguard your home. A home insurance policy covers the cost of repairs that may be required due to damage from these perils. Some natural disasters that are included under your policy cover are floods, landslides and earthquakes, thunderstorms, etc.  In the absence of an insurance cover, these repairs can be expensive at times draining your hard-earned savings. 

    #4 Inexpensive cover

    Since home insurance isn’t a compulsory mandate, it may seem like a fixed commitment for an uncertain event. Home insurance policies are affordable with a substantial amount of insurance coverage costing not more than a couple of thousands. Moreover, a comprehensive home insurance plan that covers most items including the structure helps you avoid financial losses that otherwise may run into six or seven-figure amounts. To find a suitable policy, make use of a home insurance premium calculator

    #5 Protection from lawsuits

    Any event like a fire or mechanical damage that damages not only your home, but also those around can initiate a lawsuit against you. A home insurance plan will protect you from these lawsuits as well. Further, any medical expenses of the injured individuals are also covered under this policy. 

    Now that you know the various benefits that home insurance offers, do not miss this crucial investment along with your house. Get the mental peace you deserve when buying a home protected by an insurance cover.