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  • Friday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:31:34
  • Bangalore: The sixth edition of the Stonehill Founder’s Day Run, organised by Raadiant Sports, was held on Sunday, 17th September. The day saw over 1000 people, participating in different categories and enjoying the beautiful course through the picturesque village of Tarahunise in North Bangalore.

    The Stonehill Founder’s Day Run is an annual event that celebrates the Founder of Stonehill International School, Bangalore. The School was founded in September 2008 by Mr. Jitu Virwani, Chairman & Managing Director, Embassy Group. This year’s event held a special significance as Stonehill marked its 15 year milestone.

    The different categories included a half marathon, 10K, 4 x 5 K corporate relay (men/women/mixed), 4 x 5 K open relay (mixed), and a competitive and a non-competitive 5K run.

    There was widespread participation from corporates including Cargill, Qualcomm, and Decathlon (Mysore), who actively participated in various categories, contributing to the event’s success. Interestingly, the half marathon saw a surge in participation compared to the 10K run, showcasing its reputation as a challenging but rewarding course.

    Karan Virwani, CEO WeWork India & Director Embassy Group; Aditya Virwani, Chief Operating Officer, Embassy Group and Joe Lumsden, Head of School, Stonehill International School, gave away the prizes to the winners. The winner in the half marathon men’s category (18-40 years) was Ravi Gupta with a timing of 01:27:09 and Agnes Brunner (18-40 years) won the women’s category with a 1:40:52 timing. The winner in the 10K men’s category (16-35 years) was Nandan V with a timing of 38.48 secs and Kaylena Brase (31-40 years) won the women’s category with an impressive timing of 47.07 secs. In the corporate relay, Qualcomm Runners Club won the men’s category, Cargill Runner’s Club won the women’s and Decathlon (Mysore) won the mixed relay.

    The Stonehill Founder’s Day Run continues to grow and evolve, representing the enduring spirit of the Stonehill community, its dedication to not just education but a commitment to a healthier future for all.


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