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  • Stratbeans Enabling One of India’s Top Tier Automobile Manufacturers With Advanced eLearning Solutions

    Published on December 23, 2021

    New Delhi: Stratbeans, a leading provider of AI-based online learning solutions is enabling one of India’s largest Automobile manufacturers to effectively upskill teams to stay ahead of the curve. Stratbeans customized learning modules delivered via its state-of-the-art ATUM Learning Management System (LMS) to assist the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in improving employee efficiency while reducing the overall cost to effectively meet business objectives. The learning programs were specifically configured with features to meet the desired skill metrics. As a result, sales performance climbed by 7% in the first year and by 12 to 18% per year on a year-over-year basis, while customer satisfaction increased by 37% in just a few years.

    Regulatory/compliance adjustments, ever-evolving customer expectations, and industry-changing innovation all contribute to the auto industry’s continuing evolution. COVID-19 has expedited and intensified these tendencies, compelling businesses to find flexible, innovative, and cost-effective methods to adapt to the “new normal” while future-proofing their workforce. Stratbeans’ goal is to support automakers in the process of achieving Zero Net Emissions by effectively educating employees and partners on its significance and helping them ‘be part of the solution’. Because training is critical to the future success of the automotive value chain, Stratbeans creates, develops, and executes tailored and cutting-edge training solutions that improve employee and organisational outcomes. Furthermore, Stratbeans created a personalized learning plan for each learner by integrating instructor-led learning and self-paced learning.

    Commenting on the same, Mr Pradeip Agarwal, COO & CoFounder of Stratbeans said, “Businesses were forced to adapt to remote working environments, and the majority of them were woefully underprepared in terms of skills and resources. Learning via digital tools and platforms is essential for optimum personalised skill-based training. With Stratbeans, the automaker could solve the skill gap problem while simultaneously training over 50,000 employees and dealers. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to assist them in providing an exceptional intuitive learning experience.”


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