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  • Monday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:36:31
  • Although social networking programmes like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter can provide numerous benefits for being a social media influencer, we find many of us being depressed when the content doesn’t get much attention. Many people have resorted to social media to start their career as an influencer and we see a new influencer getting viral on social media everyday. However, what we don’t see are the countless people trying to get their content viral. Talking about this Hrishiraj Sugre aka Pixoury explains how one can create their career on social media and avoid being too affected by the result of it.

    Hrishiraj says, making a timeline and content strategy is the most critical part behind staying positive and having better chances of getting the content viral. A timeline of when to start posting content and understanding when to stop or change the strategy helps in wasting time and losing opportunities. “For example, If I decide to post dance reels and even after a year of posting dance reels I am not seeing any growth on social media, I would be wasting my time creating those reels which nobody is interested in and also losing other opportunities where I could be successful . So it is important to have back up plans for content and work on those which audience is liking.” Says Hrishiraj. 

    Another tip Hrishiraj gives is to write down all your hobbies and try to create content from them. He says it works like charm as the creator enjoys the process more than the result and most of the time audiences like that content as they see passion in the creation. This helps to reduce stress and enjoy the process of social media. 

    The last golden tip which Hrishiraj gives is to ignore trolls and promote the supporters. He says, “The best way to have positive talk around your content is to have more people who talk good and less people who talk bad. To do this there are 2 two tools, one is to reply and engage with all those who are talking good about your content, so that they keep bringing you positivity and genuine feedback. The other is the block button. Use the block button liberally and block all the negativity. It’s good to have less followers than having too many trolls as it will only affect you mentally, until and unless you want to be trolled or don’t mind being trolled.”


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