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    StreamPulse Neuro Turns America’s Living Rooms Into Neuro Labs

    Published on March 5, 2021

    Austin, TX,: The StreamPulse™ in-home division of MediaScience®, the leading neuromarketing research authority, has joined forces with Shimmer®, an innovative, medical grade-manufacturer of neurometric measurement equipment, to co-develop and launch STREAMPULSE NEURO™.

    This new research capability measures consumer and audience emotional response in a natural viewing environment for all types of media and advertising content. With the ability to embed programming and advertising into television and digital platforms, living rooms across America have been turned into living laboratories where all types of human behavior can be studied naturally from: product usage, cooking, laundry, cleaning and entertainment consumption.

    Research once confined to the laboratory has now been elevated to in-home data collection through the course of natural activities, product usage and media consumption across TV, Digital, and OTT. And, instead of a central location, MediaScience™ can collect precise reaction measurement in a network of 80,000+ potential individual households and family laboratories that comprise the MediaScience™ panel.

    For example, StreamPulse Neuro™ recently conducted a virtual Super Bowl viewing party. Fans watched the game naturally while their attention and emotional responses were measured to both the game and the scores of, celebrity-studded ads. Next, they followed up with a survey and focus groups using the company’s HARK Connect™ online QualTech™ platform to produce a holistic perspective on how viewers actually react, how they think they reacted, and what they said in their own words about the experience.

    According to Dr. Duane Varan, CEO, “this ‘3-step punch’ is ideal for understanding how programing or ads are viewed, how a product is used or consumed or a service is provided, while measuring in-the-moment emotional response, followed by standard survey ratings and/or in depth one-on-ones or focus groups.

    HARK Connect™, the company’s QualTech™ streaming platform, provides online means for product and media usage, observation and interviewing, with a virtual backroom for client chatting and tagging with immediate translation, transcripts and video editing. “Never before has the research industry been able to have such sophisticated measurement and holistic understanding of consumer behavior in the natural usage of the in-home setting,” said Elissa Moses, managing partner, HARK Connect

    MediaScience™ developed this in-home lab methodology in collaboration with Shimmer. The in-home kit consists of a state-of-the art [email protected] sensor to capture heart rate and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response.) The device is easy for consumers to use themselves and forget about while going about the task at hand.This new StreamPulse Neuro™ capability will ultimately allow thousands of viewers to watch all types of traditional and digital media, and clients to understand the attention, engagement, and emotional impact of their program and advertising content or brand/product experience as never before.

    MediaScience founder and CEO, Dr. Duane Varan is an industry expert who specializes in research on media and advertising response, serving a cross section of platform content providers including: CNN, NBC, Google, YouTube and TikTok. Also partnering on the development is Elissa Moses, head of the HARK Connect QualTech™ division, with deep experience in Shimmer applications and in-home product and advertising research, along with Geoff Gill, president, Shimmer Americas, who is a leader in neurometric applications across consumer and medical sectors