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    Subodh Su2’s Electronic Music Proves To Be The Perfect Choice For Showing Dance Moves On Instagram Reels

    Published on January 13, 2022

    ‘Instagram Reels’ has become the digital yet so powerful place to demonstrate art, creativity, and talent that one possesses. Launched in 2020, the short video clips feature of Instagram has provided a platform for innumerable talents across the world to put forward their skills. Scrollable short videos are the latest trend in social media that the netizens have widely accepted and relishing on for entertainment.

    The trend of short videos has opened many avenues for musicians, dancers, singers, and many more artists to become popular on the internet and incentivize their skills. One such artist from the Latur district of Maharashtra is Subodh Waghmare, making it big on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Subodh is a talented musician and Disc Jockey (DJ) with a blend of profound music expertise and music intuition that excites the audience.

    Subodh Waghmare understands that music stimulates various emotions in human beings that make us emotional, gleeful, and exhilarating at times. His knack for music has helped him get a perfect catch on the different genres that the audience prefers to listen to according to their moods. Although, what Subodh is getting viral on the YouTube and Instagram Reels is his skill and apt production of electronic music.

    Subodh’s electronic music blended with famous Bollywood movie dialogues has created a buzz on YouTube and Instagram, which has ensured a flood of subscribers and followers on his social media handles. The YouTube channel of Subodh Waghmare called ‘Subodh Su2’ has garnered more than 741K subscribers, and the number is still fattening.

    Instagram Reels has played a seminal role in carving Subodh’s upsurging career. Reels are the most contributing source that converts the viewers into his loyal listeners and diverts the viewers to his YouTube channel and music profiles on the audio streaming platforms.

    Subodh Waghmare’s electronic music has made content creators fall in love with his sizzling and energetic songs. Content creators on Instagram and YouTube short video format widely use Subodh’s music clips to demonstrate their acting and dancing skills. Lite Flow is one of Subodh’s enthralling compositions that entices the listeners and stuff them with energy and exhilaration. Lite Flow, the outstanding composition of Subodh, is getting tremendously popular in Turkey, Russia, and our homeland India.

    Reels made on Subodh Waghamre’s electronic music clips gain lakhs of likes and shares. So, the social influencers like dancers looking for more engagement on their content would not want to lose on this opportunity. For the fact of the matter, Subodh’s electronic music blended with some of the evergreen dialogues of Bollywood such as Bhiku Mhatre and Sanju Baba has millions of reels in total.

    A few EDM compositions amongst the wide portfolio of Subodh Waghmare such as Satya, Lion, Mulshi Pattern, Satya 2, Asli Gangster, Rocky, Sultan Mirza are widely popular on Instagram Reels. Celebrities and popular social influencers often join in the trend that Subodh’s music compositions set on social media.

    Subodh Waghmare, for his excellent music, is winning appreciation from many leading musical artists in the Bollywood music industry.

    Follow Subodh Su2 on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/subodh_su2

    Subscribe Subodh Su2’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCggIDASbTULRpfAePf05VKA