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    Sudhir Bishnoi,The Young Journalist Transforming The Lives Of Hundreds With His Venture Media Manthan News

    Published on March 21, 2021

    The coronavirus pandemic was certainly one of the most lethal outbreaks that the world had witnessed, not only did it take away the livelihood of thousands of individuals but it bought our entire economy at a standstill. 

    But Sudhir Bishnoi, a journalist and a social media strategic expert took the crisis as a means to provide employment opportunities to over 500 youth who had to earn a livelihood to sustain themselves and heir families. 

    Sudhir also established his news platform called ‘Medium Manthan News’ to report the rural repercussions arising out of the covid-19 pandemic. At the nascent age of 24, when millennials start slogging to build their own careers, the double MA in journalism has become a source of inspiration to many. 

    Hailing  from Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s small village Haniya , the founder of Media Manthan News is a national name due to his overarching experience in providing social media strategies to several big political officials, social activists, Indian cricket team players and to  businessmen and Bollywood stars. 

    His strong social media sense and strategic dexterity has helped him to reach to the top and aid several influential individuals build their online presence. 

    The journalist found the need to cover the plight of the rural strata at the time of the pandemic and hence began the journey of connecting the needy with prominent politicians, businessman and social workers who could provide adequate help to these. 

    The committed team of Sudhir Bishnoi did not leave any stone unturned to voice their support for the needy and began digital campaigns that helped scores of individuals in getting opportunities for a better livelihood. 

    Media Manthan News became the place for several content writers, graphic designers video editing, social media management and reporters to nest and began a fulfilling career. 

    Mr Sudhir Bishnoi and his team became the guiding light for the lives of downtrodden, who were provided with adequate food supplies when the lockdown was in place, post which, he began to provide employment opportunities through his own organisation to over 500 freelancers. 

    Mr Sudhir Bishnoi is today a name that is changing the face of media in the country, he is a visionary who has not only communicated the messages of several politicians, business men etc to their audience but has provided a reason to live to scores of individuals whose lives were battered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.