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  • Suffering with cervical spinal stenosis, 175 kg patient from Australia undergoes advanced minimally invasive robotic surgery at the CK Birla Hospital

    Published on April 15, 2023

    New Delhi: Furthering the commitment to strengthening delivery of global standards of clinical excellence, the CK Birla Hospital® successfully treated a 33-year-old Australian patient who had been suffering from cervical spinal stenosis for the past 2 years. He was unable to take 50 steps without the support of two crutches due to lack of balance.  The patient came to the hospital with complaints of severe pain in the right leg and numbness in both feet. Based on his medical history in Australia, he was misdiagnosed for compressed nerves in the lower (lumbar) spine and was advised to undergo Lumbar Spine Surgery (lower back surgery).

    However, upon further evaluation at the CK Birla Hospital®, the team of doctors led by Dr. Ashwani Maichand, Director – Department of Orthopaedics accurately diagnosed the patient with cervical spinal stenosis which occurs when the space inside the backbone is too small. He was recommended cervical spine surgery using MIS coupled with advanced robotic technology. For the surgery, a diamond tip neurosurgical burr was used to ensure precision and seamless accuracy.

    Dr. Ashwani Maichand said, “It was a high-risk surgery due to the weight of the patient, which had possible complications such as paralysis, loss of control over the bowel & bladder, and the inability to walk or stand. We used the most advanced robotic technology and MIS technique at CK Birla Hospital® and the treatment outcome was remarkable. There was no need for blood transfusions or a stay in the ICU. The patient was able to climb stairs within two days after the surgery with no complaints of neuro weakness and numbness in the feet, which is 50% eliminated.”

    “I was quite worried as I could not walk beyond 30-40 steps. In Australia, I was advised Lumbar Spine Surgery and the waiting period for the surgery was another 2 years. But after meeting Dr. Ashwani Maichand at the CK Birla Hospital®, he assured me that my condition could be treated via advanced robotic technology, giving me the confidence to proceed with minimally invasive surgery. I was able to walk after 2 days of surgery and am now living a pain-free and healthy life”, the patient stated.

    Commenting on the case, Mr. Vipul JainChief Business Officer, CK Birla Hospital® said, “We are committed to achieving our goal of providing global standards of healthcare by using advanced medical innovations and techniques like advanced robotic surgery with MIS for our patients. This case, like many others, is a testimony to our legacy of delivering high-quality healthcare.”

    “Our hospital at Punjabi Bagh aims to take forward the patient-centric and clinically reliable care that we stand for. The success of this case is a reaffirmation of our clinical excellence through a case that is complex. We will continue to use medically advanced treatments for our patients,’’ said Mr. Amit Sharma, Unit Head, CK Birla Hospital® Delhi.


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