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  • “Suma Neuro Care” should be at the forefront of providing better medical care

    Published on February 22, 2021

    Hyderabad:  SLG Hospital and Katriya Hotels Chairman Shri Dandu Shiva Rama Raju said that with advanced medical facilities and better medical services, “Suma Neuro Care Centre” should be reached to the people of Hyderabad.  He along with SLG Hospital Executive Director Shri DVS Somaraju Monday inaugurated the Suma Neurocare Center established by renowned neurologist Suma Kandukuri opposite VRK Silks Shopping Mall in Gangaram, Chandanagar at Hyderabad.

    They appreciated the setting up of a Neuro Care Center with modern facilities in the city, especially for the people of Chandanagar. Dr. Suma Kandukuri has been well known as a neurologist at Osmania Hospital for the past few years and is known for providing better medical services to the people of the two Telugu states. she has been recognized by many for her services as a neurologist, especially as a pediatric neurology doctor and epileptologist who specializes in epilepsy patients. They said that Dr. suma launch of her services at the new Suma Neuro Care Center was a success and hoped to provide more services to the residents of Chandanagar in the coming days.

    Dr. Suma Kandukuri said, “We have set up this Suma Neuro Care Center with the aim of providing state-of-the-art medical services to the people in the vicinity of Chandanagar. Paralysis, fits nerve weakness, encephalitis, headache, etc. Arrangements have been made to provide the best medical facilities for all ailments to adults and children alike. Besides, state-of-the-art equipment is available at the Neurocare Center to perform all types of neurology tests. That is why we want the people around Chandangarh to avail of these services” she explained. The event was attended by local leaders, neuro care center doctors, paramedics, and others.