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  • IMBC Summit & Awards in association with Franchise India and The Entrepreneurs Magazine salutes remarkable mentors, coaches, and organizations in India for their continuing commitment to excellence, developing best practices, and innovative strategies.

    India Mentors & Business Coaching Awards(IMBC) felicitates top sales, business coaches, and speakers  in India

    Suresh Mansharamani was awarded Best Sales Coach and Trainer of India.

    There are numerous instructors in India, but not all of them have real business expertise. Many people claim to be coaches, but they simply have classroom training and no real-world business expertise. Mr. Suresh Mansharamani is one of the best business coach guru due to his experience of both success and loss in his career. Mr. Mansharamani is a serial entrepreneur who has managed to run numerous enterprises at the same time for 43 years, thanks to his extraordinary imagination and hard work. He began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22 years old, launched an IPO in the year 1995, successfully raising $3 million out of it. Just like every entrepreneur, he had also faced failure in 43 years of his entrepreneurial career but eventually, that failure became a major part of his entrepreneurial success. The tremendous achievement of Mr. Mansharamani is the result of his enormous amount of hard work and true dedication that brought enthusiasm to everything he does. He ventured out on his own fearlessly and blazed new trails, and this defining characteristic of him drew in a sizable crowd.

    Coaching and mentoring have become increasingly important in today’s world, whether for personal or professional development. When organizations and companies are involved, coaching and mentoring become even more beneficial in terms of career development, resulting in the strengthening of skills, working behavior lapses, and performance output issues. Indeed, success is not a one-man show, and every firm must strive to be inventive and relevant. Mr Suresh Mansharamani, as a mentor and best sales trainer, has been a valuable resource for start-ups and prospective entrepreneurs for a long time. Mr Suresh Mansharamani has won the award for best sales coach of the year. He has taught thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and senior executives throughout the world to achieve exponential business growth and establish recession-proof businesses over the previous 15 years.

    Suresh Mansharamani is the only business coach in India and best OKR (Objective Key Results) coach and mentors to millions of entrepreneurs, a TEDx speaker, and the author of numerous best-selling books, including “specific Measurable Results: Objective Key Results,” “Own the Stage,” “Closing Your Sales,” “Superpower Networker,” and others. Mr. Mansharamani, a Presidential Awardee, is an investor and the creator of Tajurba, a world-class business networking firm in Gurgaon, Haryana.

    63-year-old Mr. Mansharamani spares no effort to share his practical entrepreneurial business expertise with all entrepreneurs, young people, and established firms on a regular basis so that they can have a direct, beneficial impact on the business’s long-term growth. He had astonished everyone when he was honored by the President of India with an award for his successful effort putting the company on the stock market, which was oversubscribed 300 times. He, as a mentor to many young entrepreneurs and as a trusted confidante, hopes to develop more entrepreneurs like him through his guidance and mentorship so that he may assist people to soar higher and emerge victoriously.

    “Currently, all young entrepreneurs believe that by reading ‘Think and Grow Rich and following the laws of attraction, they would be able to achieve all of their dreams and become wealthy, and they are simply thinking, thinking, and thinking without any practical measures,” Mr. Mansharamani says. He believes that thinking alone will not help you achieve all of your goals, but that the execution of your thoughts and plans will, and that you must learn to be a doer. Indeed, putting any idea or measures into action is a different story, and that starts with execution and nothing else.

    India has seen a tremendous increase in the number of start-ups with an emphasis on innovation for a decade. He believes the youth, who make up more than half of the population, are innovative and have a fresh perspective. The particular potential that young people bring to the world allows them to come up with innovative solutions that can pave new paths forward. He has coined Tajurba with a mission to develop more entrepreneurs like him who, through their passion, can drive success and flourish in their businesses by bringing a unique perspective to the world that others don’t typically see.

    Tajurba is an organization where Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to network with professionals, learn about each other’s enterprises, and share information about their projects that further helps people draw in more potential clients.

    His incredible motivated spirit and out-of-the-box ideas, together with creativity, became a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs. His different thinking and listening trait set him apart from the noise, and that considered him to be one of India’s most important entrepreneurs and sales coach.  

    “It isn’t done until I win and everyone around me wins,” he says before signing off.

    You can learn more about him – www.sureshmansharamani.com

    LinkedIn – https://in.linkedin.com/in/sureshmansharamani

    YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/SureshMansharamani


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