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  • Surkhab TV – A YouTube Channel Which Is Known For Authenticity

    Published on May 19, 2021

    Surkhab TV is one the most viewed channel related to news about everything, be it entertainment, politics, sports, and all current affairs and that is because of the audience trust their content and that is the real success of any such platform which deals with the sensitive part. There is so many sources, which spread fake news rapidly and none bothers to verify the news, they just keep sharing it and this sometimes may cause anarchy type situation, however, in such scenarios, the authentic source like Surkhab TV comes into the picture as the content on this channel is thoroughly researched and any fake news is never shared on this channel and if there is any fake news spreading negativity, they clarify it also. That type of responsible behavior is required from the news portals for our society who doesn’t run behind the views and popularity but to serve the nation in their own way.

    Due to the simple User Interface and popularity of YouTube, any person can create it’s a channel and it is not with YouTube, there are so many Social Media apps and sites on which people can create their multiple accounts easily and Social Media give the facility of being anonymous and this is the facility which is dishonored so frequently. Such people by their accounts, create some rummer and make it viral by sharing continuously on every platform, and then in minutes, the story is everywhere. People think that this is a real story and without verify the authenticity of the news, they also get involved. Sometimes news portals and production houses of electronic media also help to spread such news but news portal like Surkhab TV, always authenticate such videos and pictures and share the correct details with their audience. That is why the popularity of Surkhab TV has increased many folds in recent times.

    Apart from fighting with the fake news, Surkhab TV covers a lot of areas that touch the netizens as most of their audience is of young age who contributes a lot to well-being of any society and country. The creative team of Surkhab Media Opc Private Limited pays a lot of attention to the latest trend and creates the content accordingly. The news on Surkhab TV is presented in a very engaging way that viewers mostly watches full videos and share their opinion also which helps to improve the content creation process.

    Surkhab TV mainly focus on the spread the positivity of Punjabi culture all over the world as Punjabis have made so many countries their home and they easily jell up within any society but they never forget their roots and love their villages, state and country so much and the remittance received by their families in India plays a vital role in the Indian economy. So to preserve and make the world aware of the contribution of Punjabis, Surkhab TV is playing it’s role quite faithfully.

    Today Surkhab TV is known for the news about agriculture, education, sports, and entertainment, and the team behind it doing their duty towards the society by stopping the fake news and disinformation which is a great service of the nation and this goodwill is being converted into Surkhab TV’s day by day increasing popularity.


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