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  • “Mission C1000,” Hindu Atankwad”produced under the banner of SV CREATION in Tollywood and directed by Tejeshwar, centers around hero Ram, entrusted to thwart terrorists exploiting heroine’s father groundbreaking formula. The film subtly highlights the nefarious attempts of foreign entities to label India as a Hindu terrorist country .

    Ram emerges as a symbol of patriotism, combating these false narratives. The movie aims to inspire youth to embrace their cultural roots and contribute to national progress. Its captivating visuals encapsulate India’s essence, igniting discussions on cultural awareness and global responsibilities.

    In this cinematic masterpiece, the protagonist Ram designated by the Indian Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, takes center stage in a thrilling tale that intertwines heroism, science, and a deep connection to Indian culture. A captivating and gripping narrative that sends a powerful message about the importance of connecting to our  roots of Sanatan Dharma for the development of the country.
    The storyline follows heroine’s father are on a mission to invent a groundbreaking formula .Their success is short-lived as a terrorist group, fueled by malicious intent, attempts to acquire the formula. The terrorists aim to use the medicine against India, creating a false narrative of Hindu Aatankwad to spread terrorism globally.
    Amidst the chaos, Ram emerges as the protagonist tasked with dismantling the terrorists’ mission and saving the country’s image. As the plot unfolds, the film subtly weaves in a profound message urging the youth to connect with roots of Sanatan Dharma, emphasizing its significance for the development of the country.
    This cinematic gem stands out in Indian cinema, not only for its gripping plot & stellar performances by Tejeshwar
    Pragya Nayan, Kabir duhan Singh portrayed the role of a villain ,Sanjay Pandey & artists Jaya Prakash, Anish Kuruvella, & Sudha but also for the underlying theme of the movie, which has never been showcased before.
    It serves as a reminder that preserving and understanding one’s cultural heritage is essential for the progress of the nation.
    Ram, as portrayed in the film, becomes a symbol of patriotism and cultural pride. His mission goes beyond defeating the terrorists & saving the nations image; it extends to inspiring the youth to embrace their Indian identity and contribute to the nation’s growth.
    The narrative subtly explores the timeless principles of Sanatan Dharma, emphasizing values such as righteousness, duty, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. It encourages the audience to reflect on their roots and draw strength from the rich tapestry of Indian culture.
    As Ram maneuvers through challenges and adversaries, the film becomes a visual spectacle, showcasing the vibrant traditions, rituals, and landscapes of India. The cinematography beautifully captures the essence of the country, reinforcing the idea that a strong connection to one’s roots can lead to a harmonious and prosperous society.
    The movie’s impact extends beyond entertainment, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. It sparks a conversation about the importance of cultural awareness and instills a sense of responsibility in the youth to contribute positively to the nation’s development.

    In conclusion, this cinematic marvel not only entertains but also serves as a call to action for the audience to connect with their roots and uphold the values of Sanatan Dharma. As Ram triumphs over terrorism, he leaves behind a legacy that encourages the youth to embrace their Indian culture, fostering a sense of unity, pride, and commitment to the development of the country.

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    SV CREATION presents:-
    MISSION C1000: Hindu Atankwad
    Producer:- Kiranmayee, Viraat & Shourrya.

    Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, and Direction- Tejeshwar

    Banner:- SV CREATION (Tollywood)
    Language:- Telugu, Hindi & other languages
    Director of Photography:- Mahender .S
    Music:- Sridhar Athreya
    Editor:- Marthand K Venkatesh (Annapurna Studios)
    Choreography:- Ganesh Swamy
    Fights :- stunt jashuwa
    7.1 Atmos:- krishna (Rama naidu studios)
    DI:-Saradhi Studios
    VFX Head:-Ananth Iyyunni
    Sound Effects:-J.R.Ethiraaj (Ramanaidu Studios)

    Singers:-Vaishali Madge & Pamela Jain (melody song),vijay Prakash (ram ji song) &
    Srikanth Sandugu (patriotic song)

    Executive Producers:-Dr. Elasagaram Prabhakar, V. Ramu, Gandikota Srinivas
    Co producers : T.Eeshwar & T.uma Mahindra (BJP  HYDERABAD PARLIAMENTARY CONSTITUENCY )

    Special Appearance:- Kaali Charan Maharaj

    – Hero: Tejeshwar
    – Heroine: Pragya Nayan
    – Villain: Kabir Duhan Singh & Sanjay Pandey
    – Artists: Jaya Prakash, Anish Kuruvella & Sudha.

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    A cinematic journey that unveils the essence of patriotism, cultural roots, and the battle against false narratives.

    Mission C1000 is set to hit the screens
    Very soon . Keep an eye out for updates and stay tuned for its release.


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