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  • Tuesday, June, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:21:40
  • Bhopal : A live talk show organized by SVCST in co-ordination with PR Solution witnessed hundreds of youngsters pooling in to debate and discuss on this very sensitive issue “Youthunrest @ Bhopal”at Gyan Vigyan Bhawan Barkatulla University .

    While reported unrest throughout the nation has left many of us stated, some of the most unpleasant examples of recent social unrest these days were witnessed in the city itself.
    The talk show moderated by renowned academician Dr. Gaurav Raj Bhagat involved Progressive women speakers like Dr. Shashi Rai, (Director Sant Hridaram Girls College), Dr. Sansmriti Mishra (Psychoanalyst) and Dr. Aruna Rao (IG) who very carefully dealt with the subject andintelligently handled the grievances of the mass.

    Dr. Gaurav Raj Bhagat, Moderator, Yuva Talk Show said, “To discuss the reasons behind this issue and to suggest ways to curb the same renowned experts from the education, psychologyand law and orderbackground got together and welcomed the youth giving them a live platform to openly discuss their opinions of unrest.

    Vishnu Khanna Chief Advisor, PR Solution said, “The show provided an opportunity for the youth to analyze themselves as individuals and understand the root cause behind their activities leading to socialunrest. Arguably, the youth present from varying educational, institutional and professional backgrounds responded to the issue with varying beliefs.

    Dr. Sansmriti Mishra , CRISP said “Youth unrest is a psychological problem. It has been found that t Youth have a feeling of “unrest” because it is a cultural norm. People learn this behaviorfrom childhood when being driven by parents and adults. In day to day life, more of the incidents can be experienced during peak traveling hours.
    “Youth unrest is triggered by a plethora of grievances. We youngsters have the virtue of caring about many things and are propelled into action not only by despair but mainly by shared aspiration.”

    S Vijay Kumar, Group Head, PR Solution “In an interactive session the youngsters interacted with the experts and agreed that had not been participated in this show they could never have given vent to theirgrievances and feelings and would never have been suggested with ways to come over it”.

    Dr. Shashi Rai,Director, Sant Hiradaram Girls College added,”Youth and prosperity of the nation no longer go together as horses of a carriage, but social unrest and youth are superbly connected. They are often lumped together because analyststend to infer one from the other”.

    Mrs. Aruna Mohan Rao , Inspector General said “unrest” is a serious act and may be seen as a violation of property rights. One of the best way to avoid becoming a victim of “Unrest” is to avoid that place and make busy your self indoing some other work that you have no time think over it”.