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Synersoft is launching of BLACKbox One Cloud to embrace cloud computing

New Delhi : Synersoft Technologies, India’s leading SME-focused IT company is hosting a webinar on Jul 15, 2022 03:00 PM in IST.  The agenda of this webinar is the Premier Launch of BLACKbox One Cloud to embrace cloud computing. The speaker of this webinar is  Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of Synersoft Technologies Pvt ltd., he will be unveiling the benefits of BLACKbox One Cloud.

In this webinar Mr Vishal Shah will describe how challenging it is for MSMEs to migrate their operations and systems to the cloud. MSMEs struggle to adopt cloud computing mostly due to cost and complexity. The installation of numerous cloud agents and cloud providers adds overhead to the systems, making it excessively expensive and time-consuming. MSMEs require one agent, one cloud, and one service for Integrated Single Cloud for Online Drives for Files/Folders Sharing, to host Legacy Applications, for Data Backup etc.

This webinar will be  very informative and helpful for MSMEs. It will cover topics like Limitations of Currently Available Cloud Solutions, One Cloud v/s Multi Clouds, No CAPEX, Only OPEX  BLACKbox One Cloud and live demonstration of BLACKbox One Cloud – One Agent solution. The engaging session webinar will explain why MSMEs need simple and cost effective solutions to embrace cloud computing.

Today, every MSMEs needs cloud computing for Files/Folders sharing, for Data Backup, Private Cloud on VPN, Single Agent based VPN, Single Agent based Remote Access to Legacy Applications, Single Agent based DLP,Single Agent based Email Vigilance, Single Agent based Internet Controls, Single Agent based Insider Threat Mitigation. All of these problems will be solved by BLACKbox One Cloud no CAPEX, only OPEX.

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