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  • Synova and Sahajanand Technologies collaborate on Diamond cutting Technology

    Published on February 1, 2011

    Surat: SYNOVA, a leading provider of innovative laser cutting systems, today announced a Worldwide Exclusive Technological Collaboration for diamond processing with Sahajanand Technologies (P) Ltd.(STPL), Surat, India – a pioneer company in design, research, development & manufacturing of Gemstone Processing Machineries, Industrial Automation Systems & Vision based machineries for Inspection & Measurement. SYNOVA is the World pioneer and leader in water jet-guided laser technology and provides innovative laser cutting systems for a broad range of micromachining and dicing applications. Our Proprietary Laser MicroJet®, a water jet-guided laser cutting technology, is rapidly emerging as the ideal industrial solution for meeting the demanding manufacturing specifications and low cost-of-ownership requirements associated with high-volume production of today’s advanced electronic and micromechanical devices.

    Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) technology delivers cutting quality unrivalled by that of conventional techniques, such as lasers and diamond saw blade, enabling device manufacturers to process advanced materials without subjecting them to heat damage, contamination and deformation. On this occasion, Chairman of Sahajanand Technologies, Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia said, “The strategic collaboration between SYNOVA & Sahajanand Technologies (P) LTD. will act as a driving force for the entire diamond industry, especially for diamond cutting technology. As Sahajanand Technologies is always committed to bring innovative technologies, through this association, our endeavor is to bestow a revolutionary product to Diamond Manufacturers. The combined efforts from both this companies will bring a true value addition in diamonds & will provide the competitive edge to diamond industry which will help meet the technological demands of rapidly growing diamond industry.

    Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen President and CEO Synova SA said “we are proud to have Sahajanand Technologies (P) LTD as our Exclusive & Worldwide OEM partner for the gem diamond industry. This relationship will enable us to solidify our mission & will strengthen SYNOVA’S & STPL’s position as the provider of innovative laser cutting systems for the Diamond Industry”

    “If we talk about the evolution in laser-sawing technology, then the 1st generation technology was blade sawing technology, 2nd generation technology was Lamp based technology, 3rd generation technology was IR diode based technology & 4th generation technology was Green diode based technology. Thorough this technological collaboration with SYNOVA, we mark the one more milestone by introducing the 5th generation technology for diamond cutting which is the most superior & advanced technology invented so far in laser sawing application. The most important factor of this Laser Microjet® technology is the collimated laser spot which eliminates the possibilities of PUNCTURE & KHAJURA. In addition, straight cut laser sawing minimizes the utmost loss in diamond & enhances the value to the same diamond. Moreover, due to the straight-cut laser sawing, pointers & cut-grade can not be missed as in the case of V – cut laser sawing, which adds a true ‘value-addition’ in polished diamond” – adding more to the knowledge about technology, Marketing Director of Sahajanand Technologies, Mr. Prakash Rakholia