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  • TABcab’s unique initiative of guaranteeing Rs.12000 a month to every Saathi

    Published on October 3, 2012

    by NR INDRAN / INT

    Pankaj Shinde, a cab driver by profession, would cruise the streets of Mumbai every day ferrying passengers in the inimitable red and white TABcab. Although immensely satisfied with his job, he would often wonder how he would cope with inflation, which has reared its ugly head up in the recent times.

    In these times of inflationary pressures, cab drivers like Pankaj Shinde,who often lag behind inflation, need that extra bit of cushion to guard them against the high cost of living. TABcab, the latest entrant in the phone fleet cab services, has taken the initiative to make its Saathis (Drivers)self-sufficient in every possible way.

    TABcab has introduced a scheme that ensures that it’s Saathis earn a minimum of Rs. 12000 every month. This scheme guarantees that if a Saathi is unable to earn Rs.12000 in a months’ duration after paying his daily bachat (rent forcab) and fuel amount, the balance amount will be compensated by TABcab.

    For instance, if Pankaj Shinde’s final earning after paying his dailybachat and fuel is Rs.7000 a month, then TABcab will pay him an additional Rs.5000as compensation.

    This scheme is very beneficial to Saathis who are new to the radio cabindustry as it promises them a minimum assured amount of money inflow duringthe time they understand the business model and start doing adequate business.

    On the latest scheme launched by TABcab, an elated Pankaj Shinde said, “I am happy to be working with TABcab. In these times of uncertainty, TABcab has provided us Saathis with a ray of hope. Inflation was really hitting us hard,so the guarantee of earning Rs.12000 every month will provide the much needed stability in our lives.”

    “OurSaathis are our real assets. They work hard day and night, so it is only fairthat they are provided with a cushion that helps them sustain themselves in these tough times. This scheme of ours, which guarantees Rs.12000per month, will help our Saathis cope with the high cost of living,”said Mr. Jagdish Purohit, Managing Director of TABcab.

    TABcab owns licenses for 4,000 phone fleet taxis given by the Government of Maharashtra through a first time tender for phone fleet taxis.  Currently, TABcab offers services in Mumbai,Thane and Raigad district, i.e. the MMRTA region. The company plans to expand into other cities in India and abroad. Customers can dial 63636363 or logon to www.tabcab.in to hire a TABcab.

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