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  • Saturday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:00:34
  • Poult- Bubble Tea from Poult doesn’t look more authentic than the ones you find in the streets of Bangkok. Bubble Teas are a tea-based drink that is sometimes accompanied by milk. It is then topped with tapioca balls also known as boba and sometimes they also use jelly as a topping!

    This is the perfect fun drink to wash out that summer heat. Few Bubble Teas are Kiwi, Raspberry, and Peach.

     Flax – introduces several smoothie and smoothie bowls that are filled with antioxidants and nutrients which keep you going through this scorching heat. A sip of this and you will be rejuvenated to march through this heat.

    Keeping the sugar at the minimum and using only natural sugars helps keep the body moving and keeps you fresh

    The smoothie bowls and smoothies are Mocha Smoothie Bowl, Green Power Smoothie, Ageless Smoothie, Nutriboost Smoothie, Tropical Smoothie, and many many more.

    Aquatein – This Protein water is one of its kind, it has 10-20gs of Protein in a single bottle, which comes in several exciting flavors. This water keeps you hydrated and gives you the energy to go through the day. Perfect for a post-workout refreshment when your body is craving protein and hydration to the maximum.

     Malaki – Healthy Tonic Water? Isn’t this a dream come true? Malaki introduces several tonic glasses of water that are low cal and have an amazing taste. Ever wondered what a 24k gold tonic water would taste like? Don’t have to wonder anymore since Malaki has got this amazing flavor to your doorstep.

    They say coffee can be dehydrating in the summer but Malaki’s Coffee tonic is the most refreshing drink you can have this summer!

    Urban Platter– Did anyone order nostalgia filled with summer joy and refresh? Urban Platter understands your need to beat the heat & enliven the dried spirit and brings to you the perfect thing for all your summer woes- KESAR PISTA KULFI FROZEN DESSERT. A take on the traditional Indian Kulfi that dates back to the Mughal Empire, made with rich pistachios and Kesar (saffron), and the goodness of cashew butter. The best way to enjoy it is to dive in and let it take you back to the fun childhood memories but you can also use this to make falooda, shakes, and unique sundaes.

    Donna Deli – The summer show stoppers are here: mango. Keeping the vogue to one hundred the ode to mango doesn’t end here. Donna has devised mango puree drizzle, freshly cut mangoes, and pistachios on their special brunch menu. Their Mango and Cream Taco Pancakes are served hot with heavenly whipped custard cream laced up with the freshest mango. And at a grand spot, the very tempting Donna’s Mango Tres Leches is a three-layered milk cake with the crispiest aam papad sheet rolls and pistachios. Keeping Indian palate in mind the delicatessen brings in for happy residents a household triumpher Aam Papad the dehydrated munch worthy snack plated with their inhouse Tres Leches are effortlessly exquisite. The carefully curated and plated sweet’s aftermath is nothing but pure bliss


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