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  • Friday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:50:36
  • Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, and Felix B hail from the glorious state of Tamil Nadu. They were ardent followers of Tamil cinema and had plans to launch their startup when they were about to graduate from college. So how did they blend both their interests? The brilliant trio did it by launching their startup focussed on providing regional content news. One word for everything original and regional – TamilGlitz.

    The founders are tech-savvy. They didn’t stop their zeal for creativity and innovation. They are the brainchild behind an Android app called Flash which is a vernacular social network with over 7 languages that targets next-generation internet users. The Flash app is quite popular for its very good user-generated content. It’s a prominent regional language short video-making app that lures in users because of its distinctive user feed algorithm. The app is super addictive yet entertaining and has been a great platform to display creativity. Their achievements don’t end here. They have also started a company Digital Foxter exclusively for web design and digital marketing. As young and dynamic leaders of the tech-driven world, they launched the company to help people learn about web design and digital marketing as its one of the booming sectors of business. They started with TamilGlitz and now their names are popular across Tamil Nadu.

    TamilGlitz is a news website largely concentrated on Tamil Regional News, provides all entertainment news that is cinema and tv updates. The spirited team is quick to apprehend regional news, executes periodic public opinions to understand the events, movie reviews, tv updates, political news, trending news. They also carry out celebrity talks, host Kollywood events, present detailed Tamil cinema updates. 

    TamilGlitz does more than just provide regional content news on their website. They are the one source for everything trending. They have been a platform for online voting for contestants of various reality shows like Bigg Boss Tamil, Airtel Super Singer, and a lot more. Along with the option of voting, they even provide information on the contestants. This is how TamilGlitz has attracted traffic and faithful followers to their website. 

    The Tamil Nadu-based startup TamilGlitz has been up and running since 2015. The reason why they launched their startup was to bridge the gap between the accessibility of digital news. When they were in their youthful days they observed that many people in their state either do not have access to digital news or have access to news only in English which they don’t understand. So they decided to make digital news content easily understandable and accessible to every corner of Tamil Nadu. They are achieving their goal by developing unique content to make folk comprehend the real news, reporting the happenings of news in detail. Presently, TamilGlitz holds the first place to update authentic correct data to the Tamil-speaking population.

    TamilGlitz is a popular regional content news provider with millions of fans across various social media sites. It is because of the enormous social reach they got recognized by various top production houses of the Tamil cinema industry. They have been the trusted platform for genuine movie reviews and factual cinema updates. Top production houses have contacted TamilGlitz for the release of their movies’ trailers, teasers, and music videos. They have collaborated with several celebrities as well and have hosted fun interviews. 

    With close to a decade of experience in working on digital platforms, TamilGlitz is a reigning tech-media brand with a massive fan base and loyal followers. With such quick growth in a few years, we can expect them to be one of the top brands and leading media tech companies shortly.  

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