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Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi this New Year

Profile Picture of Tarot Reader Sethi Poonam Sethi 5As New Year is around the corner, so it is a perfect time to get a view of the 2015 Horoscope. The astrology predictions by Poonam Sethi will help you in planning your entire year in advance. According to predictions by Poonam, coming year will be full of fun and passion.Please do let us know if you will like to have a word with Poonam on the same.

An inspiration to many, Poonam Sethi has been practising for the last 25 years and has been leading a journey both inspiring and enlightening. She started her career as an interior designer; later on Poonam Sethi discovered Feng Shui and Vaastu, the careful study of which led her to practice as a space healer. Her career path opened up to a plethora of healing practices which she successfully mastered. She left her designer’s job way back in the early nineties “to help and heal others in distress”.

New Year Predictions

ARIES – The New Year carries forward your gestation period. Changes are taking place on the inner planes, and at the appropriate time, the new energies will be released. Finances will return to the normal cycle after March. An opportunity will arrive early this year that could will be the foundation of a very successful future. A new relationship develops by the second quarter.

TAURUS – You will achieve most, if not all, of your desires and someone will be very beneficial to you or to that which you seek. You will prosper in financial transactions & complete any task that you take on. You will be considering the possibility of a union with someone you like or love. The third quarter shows relief from legal affairs.

GEMINI – A fixed attitude, unworkable involvement or an unpleasant experience will come to an end by the end of February. Someone will present you with a very enticing opportunity concerning your home or place of business that could open up a whole new vista or increase your income substantially by the second quarter. A year of positive changes.

CANCER – Restraints will come to an end with the rise of the New Year. You will see positive changes in your business affairs in the form of recognition or a promotion. By April you can also expect improved conditions in your finances or love life. Keep a health check this year. The second half of the year brings matrimonial harmony.

LEO – Results will be slow in coming in the first quarter. You will be processing immigration by July this year. Good year for those looking for admissions overseas. This is an important karmic period, and actions taken during this time will be the needs of your tomorrow. You will be fortunate in money matters and in resolving a pending relationship issue.

VIRGO – You will be successful in bridging estrangements, beginning a new business or making good money through metaphysical or commercial enterprise this year. Isolation, restriction or suppression will come to an end. The second quarter shows movement in residence. You will invest in property by the year end. A major health issue will be addressed in time.

LIBRA – Get ready for a new way of life because one is about to commence. By May there will be an arrival of some very important news or information and you will make permanent changes in business or your romantic life. A new venture related to overseas trade will begin by Feb. A relaxed year on the whole.

SCORPIO – This is a “sorting out life” year for you. You will take some major decisions related to a switch from a job to business by April. If stuck in a legal matter, there should be relief by June. You will be fortunate in money matters & luck will be with you in reversing a negative trend. Plenty of travel this year for you.

SAGITTARIUS – Begin the year with a lot of introspection. Is what you are doing right? The first quarter is not a propitious time for any venture and a rash decision could result in loss. Being released from bondage, burdens, & physical or mental oppression will come as a much deserved reward. Finances would be stable.

CAPRICORN – After a major crisis, you will break into the light of a new day. By March you will be lucky in overcoming financial difficulties or adversities or getting out of a sticky situation or a ‘wrong move’ in a legal matter. An unscheduled, unplanned trip is in the offing. Go…….. it could change your luck. Investment in property will be good for you this year.

AQUARIUS – The first quarter will be spent in recovering previous losses. You will have luck in obtaining facts which were hidden, making new business connections and hearing from the one you hoped would call. Marriage is on the cards by Oct. finances would have to be handled with care this year as you will want to overspend. Finally a long awaited order comes through. Good year for health.

PISCES – The year begins on a good note. Business will expand, finances will increase and non productive defective or negative areas will be cleaned up. The first half of the year will also be spent in mending relationships and making new once. You may decide to change your job/career, a decision which would be good in the longer run. Health would need some attention in the first quarter.

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