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    Tarun Bhati Is the Youngest Entrepreneur at 19 in India to Hold Three Companies – Oleada Capital, PriorPublic and WinRobux

    Published on January 17, 2021

    Tarun Bhati is among few trend settlers in India who is known as a self-reliant person in the country. He is just 19 years of age but is the owner of three different companies dealing in three different domains. These include Oleada Capital, PriorPublic and WinRobux. The first one deals with venture capital, while the second one helps people to promote their brands in the market and the last one deals with displaying different apps for promotion and surveys thus helping people prosper, while he gives them reward in the form of gaming currency.  

    With ample talent, he decided to earn early rather than relying on the pocket money received from his parents. He started running Minecraft Server to make some money and it was a roller coaster ride, as he earned and even lost the money. But at the end of the day, he learnt a lot and soon decided to embark with his own company called Oleada Capital. The company deals with giving his clients different investment options in venture capital. He helps them invest in different companies to get higher ROIs. Thus in this way, he is able to help the local businesses, the online stores and others to sustain in this tough market conditions. 

    Soon he embarked with an advertising company called PriorPublic where he helps people to promote their products and services. It is all the PR work for different businesses helping them to become brands with effective promotion and advertising.  Next is the company called WinRobux, which allows different apps and other groups to advertise and help them carry out different market research surveys. He gives them reward in the form of a game currency called Robux. Thus we see Tarun at such a tender age to be dynamic enough to manage three different companies with all his might and wit. He intends to go a long way in an aggressive way with more collaborations and passion leading his companies to reach the next levels