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  • TAS Students’ Educational Visit to Specially-abled School Instilled Empathy Among Students

    Published on December 4, 2023

     Students of The Academy School   Pune were exposed to real-life educational visits. The day-long visit was organised with the objectives of instil empathy among students and providing them with practical hands-on insights into the industries. The trip included visits to a specially-abled school, the Sangamner Sugar Factory and a local dairy industry.

    The students visited a specially-abled school where they interacted with differently-abled children and staff. This part of the trip aimed to promote empathy, inclusivity, and social awareness.

    Students from the specially-abled welcomed TAS students with a dance performance. TAS students, too, returned the favour by performing for them. Students from both the schools interacted and exchanged ideas.

    In the educational visit to sugar factory, students witnessed the entire sugar production process– right from sugarcane crushing to juice extraction, clarification, crystallization, and packaging. They also got knowledge of the modern agriculture technology and machinery at work.

    Students also learned about the dairy industry wherein they observed the entire milk processing chain from pasteurisation to packaging. They also had the opportunity to taste a variety of dairy products, fresh from the produce.

    Dr. Maithili Tambe, CEO, TAS said “Such activities allow them to better understand the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals and appreciate their strengths and abilities. The visit will also sensitise students to the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. Such field trips play a crucial role in the holistic development of students, offering them practical insights beyond classroom learning.”


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