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  • Tata Chemicals Hospital Strengthens Community Healthcare

    Published on June 15, 2024

     Bengaluru : Committed to its’ community well-being, Tata Chemicals will organize a health camp on 16th June, from 9am – 2pm with registrations starting at 7:30am at its’ hospital in Mithapur for the local communities and the villages nearby that comprises a population of about 30000. This camp will include free general check-up by physician and surgeon as well as specialised check-ups by expert Oncologist and Cardiologist along with consultation and full access to hospital amenities, medical devices and related instruments.

     Established on August 15, 1949, Tata Chemicals hospital has significantly impacted the lives of the local and neighbouring communities by treating over 10 million patients  in the last 75 years. Committed to providing the community with accessible and quality healthcare services, Tata Chemicals Hospital continues its legacy of care and community service through such Health & Wellness camps.

    At the upcoming health camp, a team of four medical professionals, including  General physician, General Surgeon, a Cardiologist and an Oncologist, will address a wide range of healthcare needs in the medical camp that will be set up at Tata Chemicals Hospital. Through this initiative, Tata Chemicals aims to prioritise the well-being of thousands of locals from the villages of Mithapur, Surajkaradi, Arambhada, Bhimrana, Okha ,Beyt, Mojap, Varvala and many other villages.

    “For over seven decades, Tata Chemicals Hospital has been synonymous with quality healthcare for the Mithapur community,” said Dr. S. Bhatnagar, Chief Health and Wellness Officer at Tata Chemicals Hospital. He adds, “This medical camp exemplifies our commitment towards the well-being and upliftment of the community. It is our constant endeavor to urge everyone to take this opportunity for specialist consultations and screenings that can greatly benefit their health. This initiative reflects our steadfast dedication to meeting our community’s needs, and we believe these efforts will strengthen our commitment to their well-being.”

    Commenting on this initiative, Mr. N. Kamath, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Tata Chemicals said, “Tata Chemicals Hospital has significantly improved healthcare access and quality for the Mithapur community over the last few decades. Starting as a modest facility, it has grown into a vital part of the local healthcare system, offering comprehensive services and regular health check-ups. We hope that this camp will have had a profound impact, providing essential healthcare to thousands of people in underserved areas, detecting and managing chronic conditions early, and improving overall community health.”

    Tata Chemicals Hospital has served as an integral aspect of Mithapur’s healthcare system by ensuring that the locals avail regular health check-ups and quality healthcare services.


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