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    TDI International School Conducts Wall Magazine Competition

    Published on April 21, 2022

    As evident from various events that the school organises every now and then to evaluate the growth of students, TDI International School, Kundli, has once again proved to be efficient enough to provide new opportunities to the students. The school recently organised an Inter-Clan Wall Magazine Competition to encourage healthy competition among the students. The theme was ‘dwelling units’. Students presented various 2-D and 3-D representations and explained the best through their wall magazines. Air, Earth, Fire and Water are the clans of the school that participated with enthusiasm.

    Dwellings refer to housing units like flats/ apartments, houses, villas, multi-storeyed buildings etc. Students made colourful representations of all these developments and displayed them on their respective boards so that every student could have a look at the same and learn about their concepts.Around 100 students participated in the competition.

     “Students are extremely talented and have shown quite descriptive depictions. This shows their understanding of concepts”, stated Mr. Harender Kumar Sharma , Principal,TDI International School.


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