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  • ‘Teach My Lesson announces a highly cost effective learning platform for high school students in India’

    Published on March 21, 2021

    Mumbai-based education technology and application-based tutoring firm established for creating an unbiased learning community. TEACH MY LESSON (TML) launches its unique learning program for higher secondary and entrance coaching at tremendously affordable India prices.

    The TML App offers premium quality on-demand courses/content for all students studying in classes 11th and 12th and for examinations such as JEE, NEET, CA & CS. The program leverages technology to disrupt the K12 and entrance exam coaching industry by making high-quality content Accessible, Affordable, and Available for students across all income groups and city tiers.

    “TML vision is to become the Amazon Prime and Netflix for Education, where high-quality content is available at highly affordable price. We are here to change the landscape of online education, currently dominated by players offering solutions that are more accessible but only to those who can afford to pay a hefty fee. TML aims to shift this paradigm to create equitable learning opportunities for everyone. Our students see TML as their one-stop holistic platform for better learning and for achieving better results,” says Krishna Murthy (Founder of TML).

    Developed in-house, The TML App takes a multi-disciplinary context approach to help students learn, understand, recollect and apply critical concepts in exams. TML is actively leveraging technology to make learning personalized. The App’s content is unique mapped to meet the curriculum needs across science and commerce for multiple education boards, including CBSE, Maharashtra Board, and national-level competitive exams. Millions of Students can gain significant value with access to the best teachers and high-quality study material in the most affordable price package.

    The learning app organizes all the topics relevant to a subject in a simple, accessible format of recorded lectures, notes, tests & practice sheets, mind maps, and over 50,000 MCQs. The company believes that students should not be bound to physical class sessions when they can opt for an online education format personalized to suit their learning style. Within a short time, many students have started using this App. “We have received valuable and encouraging feedback from our students, who have called our approach innovative, our content effective, and the experience enriching” – added Krishna Murthy


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