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Telerad Group Unveils AI-based Solution for Enhanced Pulmonary Embolism Detection in Radiology

 Bangalore : Telerad Group, a leading global provider of remote radiology services, has unveiled a breakthrough AI-based solution to assist radiologists around the world in their workflow and to improve accuracy and efficiency of Pulmonary Embolism detection. Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a grave medical condition that affects millions of people globally, occurring when a blood clot obstructs the arteries in the lungs, potentially leading to life-threatening consequences.

The technology was launched at the prestigious Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), held from November 26-29, 2023. The revolutionary Pulmonary Embolism Assist (PE Assist) promises to reshape the global landscape of medical diagnostics used in the analysis of chest and thoraco-abdominal Computed Tomography angiography.

PE Assist is designed to assist radiologists in flagging and communicating suspected positive findings of chest CT angiograms for pulmonary embolism, thus enabling quicker intervention and potentially saving lives. PE Assist utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze medical images, classify thrombus into four subclasses, and provide critical information about the presence or absence of right heart strain.

Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur, CEO and Chief Radiologist at Teleradiology Solutions said, “That we are launching PE Assist at the prestigious RSNA signifies a monumental leap in India’s prowess to make in India, for the world. PE Assist isn’t just a technological breakthrough; it is  a paradigm shift that underscores the immense potential of Indian innovation on the global stage. This game-changing solution has the power to revolutionize how we approach pulmonary embolism diagnostics. It offers healthcare professionals a tool that not only identifies potential cases swiftly but also enables faster intervention, potentially saving lives.”

Dr. Sunita Maheshwari, Co-founder and Chief Dreamer at Telerad Group, added, “This ‘Made in India’ algorithm underscores our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare and making a difference on a global scale. We are proud to be at RSNA, presenting our innovative technology that has the potential to impact the lives of millions.”

Telerad Group’s participation at RSNA is a testament to the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical technology and providing innovative solutions to pressing healthcare challenges.

About Telerad Group:

The Telerad Group comprises distinct entities focusing on innovation in radiology and telehealth, including their own teaching platform called RADGURU.  Telerad Group’s not-for-profit social enterprise, Telerad Foundation works extensively to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone. The group’s technology arm, Telerad Tech, offers software products to enable effective digital delivery of telehealth solutions.  Its flagship product, RADSpa®, optimises the efficiency and productivity of radiologists by delivering images anywhere, anytime. CardioSpa® enables tele-ECG and tele-echo on-demand delivery for cardiologists.

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