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  • TEMA rebrands itself and launches its new website

    Published on September 12, 2012

    New Delhi : Telecom Equipment Manufacturers’ Association of India (TEMA) has today announced the launch of a new corporate logo and official website (www.tema.co.in) with the anchoring principles which symbolize the effective integration and support for local Telecom Equipment Manufactures’ of India.

    “With these initiatives we are sending a very strong signal that TEMA as an association is very serious about local telecom equipment manufacturing. Also this is a message we want to send across to both the corporate world and the Government of India about our earnest efforts in support of local telecom equipment manufactures”, ‘said Mr. Ashok K. Aggarwal, Honorary Director General, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers’ Association of India (TEMA).

    The new logo symbolizes the tri-color of the Indian Flag with the bold fonts used in the Logo in a manner to relate the integrated and the strong ideologies that the Association stands for, while the wave over the TEMA’s new logo connects and symbolizes the Indian Telecom Industry.

    Taking a lead from the policy document and various statements made by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh and Honorable Minister of IT & Telecom Shri Kapil Sibal on various occasions, the new logo supports a tag line “Making India Self Reliant in Telecom” which is also the underlying theme which stands and supports the objective of the Association.

    The new TEMA website (www.tema.co.in) has incorporated the objective of TEMA and will make available quick and easy access to essential information on TEMA’s activities. The new website also offers resource centre which will showcases TEMA’s communication to various Government / semi- Government departments and bodies. “The website has also incorporated a section which has media coverage of our efforts,” added Mr. Aggarwal.

    The website also features rolling News Ticker which highlights all the important links to Government & semi-government organization.

    Mr. Ashok K. Aggarwal, TEMA also added “We feel that it is time for the GOI to initiate tough measures so as to bring the manufacturing sector to a level wherein we become self-reliant and a telecom equipment exporting nation with a special focus on promoting telecom equipment designed, developed and manufactured in India”.

    With the launch of this new identity and website, TEMA is aiming to make Indian Telecom Manufacturers self reliant and elevating the  manufacturing sector as one of the biggest sectors which, once revived can contribute significantly to the creation of employment  in the country. Growth of the telecom manufacturing sector would also provide impetus to the growth of the electronics and component manufacturing industry which would provide vital inputs to the telecom manufacturing industry.


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