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  • Sunday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:02:33
  •  World is witnessing dramatic climate change. As we speak, Delhi has already recorded decade highest temperature with Red alert and 47-48 degree fast becoming new normal. As urban centers expand and global temperatures rise, maintaining a cool and comfortable home environment is becoming increasingly challenging. Traditional building materials often trap heat, contributing to the “Urban Heat Island Effect” where cities are significantly hotter than surrounding areas. 

    Enter Temp Shield Tiles by the house of SOMANY Ceramics , a revolutionary solution that helps your home stay cool. With their unique ability to reflect heat and minimize thermal transfer, This revolutionary product not only helps to keep your home cool but also enhances overall comfort, creating a more pleasant living environment. By installing Temp Shield Tiles on your rooftop, you can significantly reduce indoor temperatures, even on the hottest days.

    Temp Shield Tiles offer high emit capacity, alongside reflectance — thus being highly emissive (up to 90% emittance), shielding against the harmful heat and releasing the absorbed heat back to the environment, thus reducing indoor temperature. The impressive reflectance in these tiles allows them to reflect over 80% of the radiation.

    Often used for combating the ‘urban heat island’ effect, which generally occurs due to the presence of heat-absorbing surfaces including the likes of asphalt,  metal roofs or concrete — Temp Shield tile qualifies as an automatic choice for architects and homeowners. This is the main reason why these tiles are used in facades, and terraces. The reflective properties that repels excessive radiation.

    Lastly, Temp Shield Tiles can significantly cut down on energy consumption, leading to substantial savings on your energy bills. As a homeowner, this translates to considerable cost savings and increased peace of mind. Moreover, less energy consumption doesn’t just mean more comfort and less fatigue but also more sustainability — an ode to the environment reducing our carbon footprints. As one saves energy, they also tend to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and limit carbon emissions for the greater good — thus making them an ideal solution for every space whether it be your home, a mall or your office.


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