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    Tension In The Muscles Of Children Increasing Due To Online Classes

    Published on October 25, 2021

    ·      Excessive use of gadgets and screen time in lockdown harmful for children: Expert

    Lockdown was declared across the country to avoid the effects of coronavirus. To continue education, schools, colleges make it compulsory made children to take online classes. The use of gadgets for online classes has increased problems like neck pain, muscle strain, back pain, and stress among teenagers. Also, due to lack of exercise and bad eating habits, this problem can lead to multiple health problems in the future.

    Electronic gadgets and video games are given to children for online classes. More use of gadgets puts more emphasis on the muscles. So, students should take a break after a certain time when the online class starts. Do stretching, physical activity and exercise along with a protein-rich diet.

    Dr. Anil Raheja, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Karol Bagh, Delhi Say’s “Children up to the age of five who are taking online classes are suffering from back pain due to the wrong posture. Pre-teens and teenagers are also complaining about acute problems like spondylosis. Therefore, body posture should not be allowed to deteriorate during online classes. Due to this fatigue and back pain starts. To avoid this, choose such a chair so that the back remains in a straight line. Do not tilt your head or back over the gadgets. Gadgets should neither be too high above the eyes nor too low.”

    Dr. Anil Raheja, further said “Keeping the phone in hand while studying online also puts strain on the hand muscles and the weight of the mobile phone, tablet weakens the delicate hand muscles of children. This causes pain in the fingers and neck. The increased screen time puts pressure on children’s spinal cord and increases physical discomfort. Sitting in front of a computer and mobile as well as a TV screen for a long time changes the way children sit. As a result, their back begins to bend. Due to this, the problem of backache is being seen more in young children during”

    Mentioning some activities that will help children, Dr Raheja said, “Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet is definitely beneficial. Taking a break while playing video games or online school is a must. Yoga, Surya Namaskar, stretching, back, neck, as well as shoulder exercises, should be done. The screen of the computer and mobile should be at the same level of the eyes to avoid strain on the neck. Get enough vitamin D by being exposed to strong sunlight in the morning. Do not ignore your spine problems and consult an expert immediately.”