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  • TERI Celebrates International Mountain day

    Published on December 10, 2010

    New Delhi : The Energy and Resources Institute, (TERI) in association with National Mission on Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem (NMHSE), the Planning Commission of India and OXFAM India organized a panel discussion on ‘Climate Change and Sustainability of Himalayan Ecosystem’. The purpose of the panel discussion was in sync with the goals identified by the United General Assembly in announcing December 11 as ‘The International Mountain Day’.

    The discussion deliberated on challenges and opportunities in the perspective of climate change impacts that are influencing the sustainability of Himalayan ecosystems, making it hazardous and vulnerable for around 55 million people residing in and around the region. In addition, the role played by the Himalayas in regulating the overall weather patterns in Indian subcontinent make them indispensable for the livelihood of many as well.

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashok Jaitly, Director, Water Resources Division, TERI, said, ‘The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has been endorsed as the regional Knowledge Hub for Water and Climate Change Adaptation in South Asia by Asia Pacific Water Forum (APWF) and organizing this panel discussion was aimed at knowledge sharing’. He also added, ‘We organized this interaction to highlight the importance of International Mountain Day for the Indian context, encourage future research in the Himalayan region by forming strategic alliances and partnerships as well as to showcase TERI’s commitment in finding sustainable mountain development solutions’.

    ‘Climate, natural resources and livelihood have an extremely profound interconnection, especially in the context of the Himalayan region. In the purview of climatic changes, this delicate balance between the trios is at peril. Though the challenges are high, such platforms are a step towards the right direction. Garnering knowledge partnerships is the way to tackle the sustainability issue in this region and essential in awareness building’, said, Mr. Michel Anglade, Regional Programme Manager Policy and Campaign, Oxfam.

    The importance of mountains in our life is enormous. Making up one fifth of the world’s landscape (library.thinkquest.org), the majestic mountain ranges across the globe are not just a visual treat but a supply source for millions depending on the mountain ecosystem. Providing a high range of biodiversity from food, hydroelectricity, fresh water, timber and minerals, the mountain ecosystem is becoming increasingly significant in our live and protecting the mountain biome our responsibility.