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    Terminating the root cause is it possible?

    Published on October 14, 2021

    Yes, it is possible, after the pandemic my eyes started searching for the one option that can help to fight with the upcoming unpredicted ailment and medical facility. I went through plenty of sites and newspapers and book all I found was “immunity” the only and the best option is enhancing immunity.

    Now the question that arises in front of me is how? Shall I switch on to herbs Ayurveda but the Ayurveda methods were invented 1000 years ago, the biodiversity is not that, environment factors are not what it was at that time .

    Suddenly, received an email from Zyro Health Care  private limited, where I wrote an article about tea a health magazine in 2013, they had started a new era by treating people with chronic disorders and disease they are suffering from.  I went through the site and had a kind of small survey by talking to the people who received the treatment from the zyropathy center.

    I had a talk with Chavi’s mother from Rohtak who was suffering from wheat allergy, when she was mere one and half her parents started giving her small pieces of chapattis, she had vomiting, loose motion, it was a phase which I think they cannot forget as they tried each and every possibility but the treatment was not fruitful at all, through their relative they came to know about zyropathy that basically give treatment by natural mean in form of supplements without any side effect, now Chavi is 7 years old she received her prescription from the zyropathy center 7 months ago and she can eat wheat and its products with full swings and she is growing. That really touched me the description of her mother while telling the whole story was mesmerizing, they had almost left the hope of her survival.

    Yet I had words with the couple, Syeda Nausheen who was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and her spouse Syed Javeed Sharif had body tremors a neurological disorder, stiffness and pain in the joints, fatigue all the time, swelling in the lady and a rhythmic shaking which is involuntary and had abundance of time made them to reach to number of treatment but the output had always made them dishearten.

    They came to know about Zyropathy from the website and now, it’s an absolute treatment as per them and the condition had finally changed with more than 90% relaxation in the ailments took place for the couple.

    Surplus people with the same review made me realize that Zyropathy can be an ultimate solution for the ailments as well as for the upcoming scenario it is going to boom the world with its new treatment method of eliminating root cause. They are reaching to an approach which is fitting absolutely to the scenario like a lock and key. Utilizing the natural herbs but with a new thought process. It is quite fascinating to me to reach to the person and understand the criteria.