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  • Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott First International GM Chess Open Tournament 2019 2nd Round Results of the Day two

    Published on August 21, 2019

    Hyderabad : The Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott First International GM Chess Open Tournament 2019 on two was gripping with some speculation chess to watch. The tournament is currently underway at Hotel Marriott and is organized by Tetrasoft.

    Known as Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott Grand Master Chess Tournament 2019, 160 including 45 from Telangana and 22 International players from 10 countries are competing in the tournament.

    The following are the important results after 2nd round.

    Aryamann Sain of West Bengal – India having ELO rating 2010 playing on first board against GM Smirnov Pavel of Russia having ELO rating 2574 started with Queens pawn opening. The Pavel replied with Nf6 i.e. King’s Indian Defence. The game went on till 42 moves in which Aryamann defeated by Pavel.

    Aditya Varun Gampa of Telangana – India having ELO rating 1999 playing on second board against IM Triapishko Alexandr of Russia having ELO rating 2519 started game with King pawn opening. Later converted to Scotch game and the ECO code is C45. Alexandr in 34 moves able to win game against Aditya.

    On third board GM Mosadeghpour Masoud of Iran having ELO rating 2509 started game with King’s pawn opening. The opponent Praloy Sahoo of West Bengal – India having ELO rating 1995 replied with e6 French defence. The game converted to Winckelmann-Riemer G variation of French defence with ECO code C15. Masoud won against Praloy’s defence ended in 43 moves.

    On fourth board Mushini Ajay of Andhra Pradesh – India      having ELO rating 1980 lost to GM Vasquez Schroeder Rodrigo of Chile having ELO rating 2496. They started game with King’s Indian Attack playing Nf3. Opponent replied with Nf6. Converted to Bogo Indian defence. Within few moves the played variation in it to Nimzovich and ECO code is E11. Rodrigo managed to take advantage and game from Mushini.

    On fifth board IM Khusenkhojaev Muhammad of Tajikishtan having ELO rating 2442 grabbed point against Samal Ansuman of Odisha – India having ELO rating 1975. Khusenkhojaev played Queen’s pawn opening. The opponent replied with King’s Indian Defence playing Nf6. Within few moves game played in Fianchetto Variation ECO code E60. Game ended in 24 moves.